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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy September!


Okay, so this day is going to seem ridiculous as it seems so low. We'll make up for it.  You'll see! Anyway, so this is the first of September and so from here on out I hope to keep a running overage/underage  of how our budget is going for the month. It can mean the difference of having enough left for a pack of candy or a sit down meal out to eat. Dare I dream? Ha!

For August, we did well enough to eat out today at lunch. We ate at McDonald's on the dollar menu. The family was hungry and we had been out so James thought it best to feed the troops. I would have tossed them oranges I had packed but hubby rules. :D That was our "treat" for August's benefits.

So, here is for the first day of the month. You'll probably laugh.

Breakfast: doughnuts at church before going out for visitation          Free for us
Lunch: our eat out meal as a treat for doing okay last month            Doesn't count here in the budget
Supper: bologna sandwiches   $3.50
             or leftover pizza     $0
kool aid or coffee   .75
watermelon     $4

Total for today $8.25
Under budget of $6.75


Vicki said...

That is awesome! I am paying close attention here as I would love to lower our grocery bill!

April said...

You could do a youtube video of "how i fed my family of 9 for less than $9! :) Glad you got a treat for lunch!!