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Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2, 2012

I made crockpot grits for breakfast today! It was my first time and they turned out great. You use 2 cups of grits to 8 cups of water for like 8-10 hours on low and, wallah, it's done! Of course you want to add salt, margarine (butter), blah, blah, blah.... I added a half pound of sausage and some cheese.

Breakfast: sausage and cheese grits  $2
Lunch: beef stew and rice                 $6.25
Supper: leftover stew with black beans and water added to form a soup $.30 (for 1 qt. frozen black beans)
beverages: coffee and tea $1
leftover watermelon $0
oranges $1.50

Total for today: $11.05

Under budget: $11.70 (YAY, US!)

Full disclosure here: The meat that we used for the beef stew was given to us. I put in one pound of beef stew meat and counted this at $2.50 as this is what we would have paid for it if it had came out of our pocket. However. to accurately reflect how much it would have cost us fully, I did add in this cost.


April said...

Looks like your budget is coming along nicely. I will have to try the crockpot grits :) Love You!

Vicki said...

Sounds yummy! We love beef stew and black bean soup. I want to try crockpot grits too. We have only tried grits with butter and jam, plus I like the idea of breakfast waiting for us when we get up. :)