Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I trust that you all are having a great day. Ours is moving along. Oh...there's always ways that the devil tries to intervene but, praise God, we know who the Victor is and that everything is going to be alright. Knowing this and have Him helps in so many ways~! Drawing close to Him seems to smooth out wrinkles within the heart, makes peace in the soul and gives clarity of thought. Yes, everything is going to be fine.

I have a sick child on the couch. I don't know what is wrong with Samuel (13). He has a fever and has been snoozing all day. He did most of the day yesterday as well. He had been sick to his stomach during the night too.

For the others, we have been plowing away at school. As long as knowledge is gained then I feel accomplished. It's hard to get going but rewarding when you see progress. I counted up on the calendar and as of now we will be going to June 20th for this school year...unless we can double up some days. Then, if Mama's treatments start again, we may go on into July... I don't know. Maybe the olders will agree to help with schooling the youngers a little here and there.

The weather here is delightful! No a/c or heat is needed. It is just right. I do miss us swimming and the children keep asking if we can go. They don't understand that the water is just too cool for that. The goldenrod is just beautiful outside and just in time for science lessons on goldenrod! I thought of this as neat.

Okay, so thank you so much for your prayers for our family. We truly need it in so many ways. The Father does give me better than I deserve though so am obliged.

Have a wonderful Tuesday in the Lord!


April said...

That devil sure does love to try and cause problems. I'm sorry about Samuel hope he feels better soon!! have a great rest of the week~! Love Ya!

Cheryl said...

I hope that Samuel will heal quickly and no one else comes down with it.

We have been having our wood stove going almost every day for a few weeks.

Have a wonderful evening with your family.


Vicki said...

I hope Samuel is feeling better. Praying that no one else gets it! I hope you are having a great week of school and get lots accomplished. Our weather has been so nice too. We have needed a little heat at night though.

Have a great Thursday!


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
Just love reading your updates.
Praying for Samuel.

Love ya friend,