Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Thursday!

It's amazing to think that Thanksgiving is one week away. Where is the year going? Yikes!

This week has pretty much stayed on routine with the exception of yesterday. We've been getting up (I am always to beat the others, haha), having breakfast, doing chores, doing school, doing lunch, doing school, doing chores, doing computer, doing a little TV and doing more chores. We've been heavier in the reading department. I am pushing that harder and harder as I think it's very important. I am reading more beginning this week too. I love reading but just haven't taken the time out to do so except for blogs and such on the computer. What a shame! How can I promote reading for enjoyment with the children if I don't do it myself?

Yesterday was unusual. My 10 year old batted a rock into the long side window of our 15 passenger van. So we are getting that replaced tomorrow. Thankfully insurance pays for this. We are also getting an estimate for a dent on the side of the van to be repaired. It will probably be too much to pay but I am curious anyway. Besides we might can swing it next year.

While our menu is going fine, I have switched some things up. I am thankful for menus! I believe that tonight we're having chili mac. That will be easy as this will be done with thawed chili out of the freezer and cooked elbow macaroni added to it. I have about a cup and half of spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator that I might add to give more moisture and flavor. Whatever is left will be for lunch tomorrow.

We've been learning about goldenrod and rocks in school this week for science. Could this be correlated with the rock incident previously mentioned? :D Jesse loves learning about science. He wants a rock tumbler as one of his Christmas presents. Oh, and he asked if he could tumble some of the broken glass from the van. (rolling eyes here)

It's very cool and rainy today. It's very gray and the sunshine will be welcome anytime! The half of the laundry we're hanging to dry is being hung indoors. We may have to build a fire tonight to keep the chill out the air.

This Saturday we are having a church Thanksgiving meal. We are looking forward to good fellowship amongst church family. The food is always good too.

Brittany has two photo shoots this week. We are really hoping that the weather brightens up some. Both shoots are to be outdoors and with the wet, dreary weather this could be a challenge.

Okay, so I'm off to see what I can have for lunch. The children will be having ramen noodles. If I have that, the noodles have to be al dente' as I don't like slimey ramen. Oooohhhh, I could add some stir fry veggies to mine as that's yummy. The children prefer to have their plain. Yep, that settles it!

Have a great day in the Lord!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

It does seem hard to find enough time to read when you are a mommy and wife. I had never heard or had chili mac until I met my husband! Now I make it too. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Nancy

Cozy Seaside Homemaker said...

Sounds like a nice day over there! Good luck with the van. I love ramen noodles too!:)

donna said...

Sorry to hear about your van window. I'm glad ins. is paying to have it repaired. I have never ate chili mac. It sounds good though. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Just read on the Homemaking site your idea of a playhouse! Wonderful idea! Nancy