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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29,2012

Well Sir, it's been a while since blogging! I trust that you all are having a great holiday season. Christmas time is here! We are done with all of our decorating except for putting out the Nativity scene. We decorate very simply. We do not celebrate with a tree but in other ways. Oh, I do sometimes think of having garland draped across the porch, complete with lights but thinking it is about as far as it gets. I realize that decorating in red, green and white is many people's choice of a hobby and so I'll leave that up to the experts. :D We do enjoy driving and looking at lights each year so we are thankful some people enjoy decorating.

School is still touch and go. The days we have school, it's good and the days we don't I feel bad. Even when I have just half a day of doctor's visits, I cannot push myself enough to get school in on the other half of the day. I credit this to my ADD tendancies. If I can focus well on something, then I can do it well. If I cannot shift my mind from other things, then my work is not so good. Ah well. It does get done and this is just a season, hopefully.

My mom is still recovering from treatments. New Year's Eve she has a camera put down her throat to find out what they can see visually. They are hoping to find no tumours on her voice box. In January she will have more scans (CT and PET) done to see what cancer does or does not appear. Let's hope for no cancer!

We were not able to spend Thanksgiving with her as she was not feeling well. This was sad. Well, I guess the reason we could not be with her was sad and not just the fact of not seeing her. My middle sister was gracious enough to have us over at her house along with the baby sister and our Dad.
We will not have Christmas together as a family. I really don't want to have it together anyway without Mama. Everyone was at my sister's and Mama was sick and alone. So until she's better I don't want to do that anymore. Perhaps Easter will be good.

Anyway, it looks like we are not having any more doctor's visit until after Christmas, Lord willing! I am thrilled! I counted for one month that I had been in doctor's offices 28 times. Sometimes I think if I see another hospital or doctor's office that I am going to cry and pitch a fit. On the other hand, I am sooo thankful for God's goodness in keeping our family healthy. I have seven healthy children and a strong husband. God is good.

For December, I have high goals. I want to work and work hard in school. Work is good. I try to teach the children that. I don't know if it's sticking but I do. I hope to have three full weeks of heavy school and then hopefully be off two. Yep, two week of just being a mom. I just want to be a fun mom with them but at the same time teach more of God's lessons. Time goes by too fast. Crazy as it sounds, I grieved the thought of not having a little baby to train and pop their little hand to tell them "no" if they grabbed something off limits. My baby is four and my eldest is 18. Boo......okay......Yay! It's all bitter-sweet. God is still good even when I'm not. Thankfully!


Anonymous said...

so thrilled to see your post! Sounds like you're all doing so well, looking forward to CHRISTmas. We dont decorate much but there's still excitement in the air, and with our kids so happy...well it's contagious! Have a great week!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hoping your Moms next tests will show no cancer. Sorry she was not feeling well for Thanksgiving. Nancy

April said...

I'm sure your decorations are pretty. You have a knack for that kind of thing. Hey, at least you were "lookin good" for those dr. appt. :)
We are continuing to pray for your mom!! Love you!!

donna said...

We do not do a lot of decorating here either. I pray your mother feels better. Enjoy your day and God bless.