Saturday, December 15, 2012


We got some school in but not as much as I would have liked. The same goes with chores. I did a few loads of laundry and picked up here and there but not much cleaning. My excuse is that tomorrow is Saturday and I'll have all day.

Brittany went to do her last photography session of this year. She decided to make a deadline because people were wanting last minute Christmas photos and this was too stressful. Speaking of stress.. poor Brittany's computer wouldn't boot up in the morning but we got it going in the afternoon. I told her to keep it running until all of her photo sessions are edited. Then when she went for her photo session, neither of her batteries  had much life left on them. She made it through though! Praise God!

When she and Dalton got back, I made a run to Dollar General for a few things. Then I came home and cooked supper. We had sloppy joes. It was to be tuna salad but I didn't get it made in time for the juices to blend in the 'fridge. I like the tuna after it's been in the fridge for several hours. So this is for tomorrow.

A great deal of time was with watching news reports of the horrific shootings in CT. So many people's lives were affected forever. Prayers go up for those people who are grieving... and here at Christmas...

Oh, the chickens made it! A gas delivery driver was out at their house about 30 minutes later. I am sure that was good news for this family!

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Anonymous said...

I know,what a tragic thing to happen. Cant seem to wrap my head around the elementary part either. Just Sad! Glad you got to go out for a bit,hoping you got some great deals. CHRISTmas is definantly in the air :D