Friday, December 14, 2012


We worked to get things done in expectation of going for our annual Christmas Lights looking night. So, we hit on all subjects and did some (unfortunately not all) chores done. I also crocheted a 12" granny square. This is something I have not done in quite some time so once I got the hang of it, it went well. I watched some Duggars shows on YouTube as I did this. This is for someone who lost their son. A group that I am a part of is pitching in together to make her a few blankets to comfort her. As far as I know, there will be one crocheted and one knitted. Brittany is going to knit a square. I want to do at least one more crocheted square.

We set off on our excursion about 7pm, when James got home. We found some very pretty lights but the best ones were the ones we have seen in years past. James and I caught a glimpse of a meteor shooting through the sky. We were unaware that last night there was a huge meteor shower. We ate from McDonald's, thanks to James' employer giving gift cards to the children. They each ordered exactly what they wanted and it worked out perfectly to the amount they were gifted. After we looked at light, we went by McDonald's again and ordered milkshakes, a frappe' for Brittany and a peppermin mocha for me. It was then 10pm and so we came on home.

We all were in bed by 10:45. It took me a while to get to sleep as my mind was racing. Then the phone rang in the middle of the night as James is on call this week. A chicken house had lost their heat due to their gas tank not registering the gas right. They were out of gas and the tank was reading 30%. I hope they have not lost the chickens in that chicken house! Wow, what a loss. So James arranged for a driver to go out and deliver gas. After this call, I don't think I ever really went fully back to sleep. Either way, Friday is upon us and that's a good thing. :D


Anonymous said...

we went looking at lights as well. Such a fun time! I was feeling guilty about some of the goodies we had been consuming so we drove into town and prked, then walked around the closest neighborhoods. It was abit nippy (for southern Arizona) but we still had a good time. That was sweet of your hubby's boss to give the kiddos something for Christmas.

Dana said...

I need to check the board more often, I didn't know we could crochet one as well, I was sad I couldn't knit and make one but if they are doing a crochet blanket as well I would love to make one or so!!!

thanks for heads up!!

donna said...

Your evening sounds like so much fun. I hope their chickens were not lost. Enjoy your day and God bless.