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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crazy Monday!

Wow, Monday was sooooo busy. We had an orthodontist appointment at 8:30 in the morning. It's about a 15 minute drive to the office. We got out and back home at 9:15 and I changed into some work clothes for home.  I remembered that Bethany's tooth had broke and the filling was gone so I called the dentist office to set up an appointment. The lady said that it was short notice but she had an opening for 10:10. Soooooo, I hurry and pick something out for Bethany and go change back into my "town clothes" and out the door we went. This place takes a little over 15 minutes to get to as well. We made it there at 10:05.

The good news is that they did not charge for the filling and the bad news is that it may come out again. blah!
So, this is life of a mom whose children has many dental needs. :D It all works out in the end but what work!

Okay, so school was to begin at 10:00....our first day back from break. It began at 11:05, when we got back. I settled Samuel, Jesse and Bethany down at the table. Our morning session is suppose to be:
~15 minutes spelling
~15 minutes penmanship
~15 minutes grammar
~30 minutes math
~30 minutes science
This is repeated in the afternoon except we substitute the science for other activities. Tomorrow during this time we are going to "mummify" a child with toilet paper. :D

We got it all done except for the science. I felt accomplished!  Then it was lunchtime. We had spicey chicken strip wraps. After lunch I worked on laundry. I have a new system going with laundry. I am training two of the children on my days. Brittany is training one child on her day. In the end, each of us will have one day a week to do laundry. Brittany made up a chart on the computer that has the seven days down, three boxes for three loads and within each box, three more boxes for wash, dry, put away. Once each task is done with each load, a check, X, etc. is put in each box. I have this on a clipboard with a pen.

Next, I took Joy-Anna upstairs to the playroom and did school with her, one on one, for 40 minutes. Brittany made sure the others didn't interrupt. This worked out great! Since Joy-Anna is six, she can be easily distracted. She enjoyed her school time!

I then worked on some more laundry and took a nap. We watched some of Little House on the Prairie and it was then time to start the meatloaf for supper. I had Samuel and Dalton to peel potatoes for mashed potatoes. Once I got those chopped and on the stove, along with the meatloaf in the oven I took Gloria (4) upstairs for some fun school. She loves her time learning as well. We spent 30 minutes her ABC series preschool books by Rod and Staff. I have used these with each of our seven children.

I finished up supper with some green beans and then we ate. Then we had our history lesson with Dad (Egypt, mummies, pyramids) and devotions (on forbearance). Afterward Brittany bakes some pecan pies. Joy-Anna and James shelled some pecans after he had got home from work.

For some phenominal reason, pecan pie helps my digestion. It's not just the corn syrup. I've swallowed tablespoon fulls of that and it didn't work. It's not just the pecans as I've ate a lot of those alone. It's the combination of a pecan pie that helps. It's a high cost to pay in calories but must be paid to put my gut in order. :D

While eating our pie, the children and I watched more of Little House and James watched football on the computer (Alabama and Notre Dame). Then it was time for bed.


Cheryl said...

I hope that today isn't as crazy. We each do our own laundry. It sure saves me time. As we hang our clothes up year round, we had to teach Emily how to use a dryer at the college.

Have a wonderful day with your family.


April said...

That was quite a day !! Your laundry schedule sounds nice. I know the girls enjoyed their school time with mommy!! Have a great week!! Love Ya!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

You are one busy mommy! That is nice that you could spend alone time schooling the two girls! Nancy

donna said...

Sounds like a busy but productive day. God bless.

Anonymous said...

that is one busy day. Hooray for being fleixble, that's one word I'm working on for this new year! Hope today goes together just lovely for you and your family. :D