Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Tuesday went very well. It was my day to do dishes. The only problem I had was that the dishwasher did not get the dishes clean in the evening. So those must be washed on Wednesday morning by hand.
I may video James cleaning out the filter so I can follow step by step next time and do it myself. Wednesday is Bethany's day to do dishes and so I'll be along with her for the ride because that's a lot of dishes for an almost 9 year old to wash by herself.

We had a good school day. The children did quite a bit of independant studies as well. They sat in their bean bags browsing through the encyclopedias. Yes, we still use hard copy encyclopedias! I love hard copy books....I'm old fashioned. :D I had one on one time with Gloria and Joy-Anna again. This has been soooo nice and it's working out so well. I also spent a lot of time in Bethany's spelling lists with her. She is zooming through the words and so it will be interesting to see how far she gets in the book this year. Samuel and Jesse are doing very well too. It is neat to see how their spelling progresses naturally just through everyday reading. They all have had growth spurts over the holidays in the way of spelling!

As far as chores, it was kitchen day. So I cleaned out the microwave, cleaned out a cabinet that had spilled sugar, and wiped out the stove top and counter tops well. I also wiped down the entertainment center in the living room as it was filthy. It's funny  how things like that slip by unnoticed and then, BAM, you get hit in the face with the chore. :D I mopped the living room, kitchen and dining room floors as well. The vacuum cleaner needed a tune up so I took the filters out and set them out to dry. I sprayed the filters down with disinfectant spray as well. Brittany had laundry yesterday of which she completed three loads.

We had cereal for breakfast, sandwiches and leftover meatloaf for lunch. We had hamburger gravy over leftover mashed potatoes and green beans for supper. It was very good and a good way to stretch a pound of ground beef.

Speaking of meat, James brought home a small butchered deer and some extra deer sausage as well! He had a service call to a local deer processor and as a (huge) tip the owner gave him the meat as it was some dropped off to be butchered, and never picked up again. WHAT A WONDERFUL TIP! Don't you think? We were out of venison and we enjoy it a lot. As James is not a hunter, we don't get it regularly and just if given to us or we buy it from a processor from someone not claiming it.

Healthwise, I had a lot of energy but still had issues in other ways. I hope to get over this hurdle so I can fully be myself again.


Cheryl said...

What a blessing to get the venison. I am hoping to stretch our meat until late summer when we can butcher a steer.

I love your new picture of the family at the top of your blog. Have a wonderful evening.


donna said...

We love venison. Hubby is a hunter but did not get one this year. I am glad you got one. I really like the new look on your blog. God bless.

April said...

Love the new look!! Sounds like a good day. That was great to get a dear and some extra sausage!! We are needing to clean our dishwasher as well! April