Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday we had some light schooling in the morning. My mom had a doctor's appointment. She saw the radiation doctor. Things went very well. We left and went to Ross to look around. We got home at almost supper time. For lunch Brittany browned a pack of ground beef. She split it and had some for spaghetti at lunch. The rest went for taco meat that night. We also had leftover spaghetti for the next day's lunch. The evening was spent doing little chores here and there. I was able to speak with James and he's doing fine.

I decided to do no school on Wednesday. For breakfast we had eggs, sausage and biscuits. I cleaned the kitchen in the morning. I then left at 10:30 to take Mama to the chemo doctor. That went well too! Afterwards we went to Walmart and picked up Little Caesar's so I didn't have to cook before church- Mama's treat. Once we were home, I rested a bit and then we all had an early supper around 5:00. We got ready for church and headed out a few minutes earlier as bad wind storms are in the area. After church we waited to hear word of when James' flight was coming in. We waited, waited,waited. He finally landed at about 12:09am or so. We saw the plane he was on circling in the clouds. We got home and was in bed at about 1:30am.


Anonymous said...

what a long day. Glad you made it through and James is home :D


April said...

Glad the appointments went well and Bro.James made it home safely!! I hope you got rested up today :)

donna said...

I am glad your mama is getting good reports from her doctor. Sounds like a full week you have had. Enjoy your day and God bless.