Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We had it pretty easy today. I did a few chores in the morning, made sure everyone had breakfast and then I  took James to the airport. After the airport, I went to the dentist. The appointment went well. The dentist suggested I get a few fillings redone sometime soon. They are over 18 years old and will need done sooner or later. So I made appointments for two to be redone next week.

After the dentist, I went to the library and checked out a few books on yeast and candida. I am thoroughly convinced that this is what I have had trouble with for many years now. So, I am reading up on this and coming up with a plan of action....mainly limiting my sugar intake. Booooo. :D

I tried finding a few books on greenhouse gardening. Most of what I found were just on how to build a greenhouse. I know there has to be more info than that! I'm sure there's a book at one of the library branches to help but I need to do more research. Until then, my knowledge is depending  on the web.

I came home and was surprised that the children had straightened up the house while I was gone! That was a wonderful surprise and very encouraging. It's good to be blessed with helpful children...and an older sister to boss the younger ones around. :D

We had an afternoon nap, supper, some tv and computer time and then bed by 10pm.

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Anonymous said...

Praising God with your family for your mom's great report!!!