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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Good Excuse to Go to Town

Yesterday we went to town so that my son, Jesse, could get out of the house. You see, yesterday he turned 11. He ordered what he wanted online last week for his present but it had not arrived yet. He couldn't shoot BB guns with his siblings as it was too cold/cloudy/foggy/blah. He sat on the little wicker loveseat, staring out the window and said, "I'm bored". Poor guy! So, I told the children to get ready as we were going to The Dollar Tree. We go there about once or twice a year so when we go, it's a big treat! Each child chose 2 things they wanted except for Jesse who chose three. I bought a few washcloths, linen spray, eyelash curler, fingernail polish, sticky pads and Bible highlighter. It was soooo much fun!

Then we swung over to the office supply store to buy some wet erase markers. I picked up two cheap dry erase calendars to put on the 'fridge. They were $6.99 for two 10X10 ones. I got a pack of dry erase pens too. I feel rich! Haha! I use the wet erase markers while doing my menu planning as I show in this video:

I still do the menu planning from my lists, with new ideas thrown in here and there to shake things up. The only problem was that I had no more wet erase markers and needed some. So, that's taken care of for hopefully another few years!

We picked up Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the way home as part of Jesse's birthday dessert. With a combination of a $5 gift card and a coupon for buy one any dozen and get a dozen free, we paid $3 out of pocket for two dozen. SCORE! :D

We then came home and cooked Jesse's birthday dinner of baked and fried chicken wings and patties, coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. He wanted an ice cream cake for his birthday. Good thing I don't count birthday meals as part of our daily grocery budget as that would be a bust! We take birthday meal money from the birthday envelope.


April said...

Aww, that sounds like lots of fun!! You turned a dreary day into a happy day! I'm glad he had a good day! Happy Birthday to Jesse!!

donna said...

Happy birthday to Jesse. Sounds like a really fun day. God bless.