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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Budget 2/23/13

Saturday, 2/23/13
Breakfast: eggs, 1/2 pound bacon, oatmeal $2 *eggs come from back yard, bacon was from the discount grocery store(ah-hem, AKA salvage store) at $2 a pound

Lunch: leftover fried chicken and coleslaw from yesterday, salad $2

Supper: homemade pizza and salad * We bought our cheese from Sam's Club at a little over $2 per pound, salad goods came from our local produce stand $10

snacks: fruit, salsa and chips $3

total from today $17

Sunday, 2/24/13

Breakfast: biscuits and gravy $4

Lunch: taco chili $3.50

Supper: leftovers FREE!!!!

Total from today $ 7.50

Monday, 2/25/13

Breakfast: egg salad sandwiches (eggs are storebought) $3
Lunch: sandwiches $3 (sandwich meat from salvage store at $1.60 per pound, bread from bakery store at .89 a loaf)

snack: fruit roll ups $3

Supper: chicken enchiladas and corn $9.50

Total today: $18.50

Average so far $14.33 per day

I don't want to count Tueday, 2/26 in the average as there's a birthday meal in there.... It would not reflect a true average.

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