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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy March!

I am so excited for the spring weather to come! Upon seeing the forecast this morning, it appears to be just around the corner here. I have many plans this spring.

I want to fix up the porch to be pretty this year. Ever since we've had our addition, with the porch extended (this will be the fifth summer), our porch has been cluttered with construction stuff. This year, I am fixing the porch up as nice as I can. Within the next few weeks, I plan on evicting the wood boards, power tools, etc. to their new homes. I am tired of the mess.

It's time to repaint the porch furniture as well. We have a metal glider, which is currently blue. I want to paint it black with the squares in the middle being white. We have an old porch swing, of which is not hung any more. I want to put this on legs to make into a bench. I will probably paint it black as well. Mama gave me a wicker loveseat and coffee table. I want to spray paint this black as well. Eventually I want to put a few rocking chairs out there too... painted black. You see, our house is white and white furniture would not pop out like black would. I want to get two ferns this year as well. I have two matching, black plant stands I bought at a thrift store years ago. I think I'm going to be busy. :D

Within the next week or so we need to get our potatoes in the ground. We had a great potato yield last year and hope to have another go at it this spring and then in the fall. We'll continue prepping the ground for planting the rest of our seed around Good Friday or a little after...depending on what the weather looks like.

We have a few more months of school left but as soon as weather turns nice, we're out the door to do it! Perhaps the fresh air will stimulate the brain cells and perk our senses. We'll most definitely have more lessons in nature as well.


April said...

Your porch is going to be looking good!! We are all looking forward to warmer weather around here too!!

Susan said...

If it doesn't look good, hopefully it will look better anyway. :D At least I won't turn red with embarrassment...LOL