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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today's Plans

Today's Thursday and there's much to do, chore-wise....

~mop the dining room floor and quickly touch up the kitchen floor
~ catch up on my laundry chore from yesterday ( took Mama to doctor and didn't get this done)
~clean the microwave oven 
~wash the big dishes 
~supervise the children's chores
~glass clean the house as there's a few windows needing attention badly... 

That's it for me today. Well, no, not really. Ha! I do a gazillion cleaning jobs throughout the day without thinking about it...too much to list.  The children? Here's their tasks, as planned:

Brittany: mop hall, dust living room
Dalton: keep living room straight
Samuel: laundry (3 loads to wash,dry, put away)
Jesse: unload and load dishwasher twice
Bethany: keep children's bathroom clean
Joy-Anna: dining room (wipe off table and sweep twice today)
Gloria: share in Joy-Anna's work

We have a chart, of which indicates what each person does when. It's a life-saver!
Then there's our school, which will go on a few hours today. Oh, and meals.... Happy cleaning!


April said...

it sounds like everyone will be busy! Have a great day!

Susan said...

We won't be any busier than normal. :D It doesn't take much for each the most an hour. Many hands make work light. Have a great day too.