Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoppy Easter Saturday!

I hope you're having a  hoppity Easter weekend! LOL We are having a pretty good one so far.

James and I slept in a bit this morning and then got up to go get some  hash to have with some bbq ribs and chicken we're doing later on. Hash is a local food that is sort of like a pork, meaty, bar-b-quey gravy. It is a cross between a meat stew and a gravy and is. so. delicious.

Well, upon thinking of how to aquire a good recipe, I remember an old, long term friend of mine and how her and her family would make a huge batch of this each New Year's Day they slaughtered a pig. I wrote her for the recipe and hopefully she'll share it soon!

We have a fire going outside to bbq some ribs and chicken leg quarters. I plan on making some coleslaw and  serving the hash with rice. Life. is. good! Yes, sireee.

We are working in the garden and yard today. We've got some potatoes (finally!) in the ground along with some spring onions and corn. I may go soon for some tomato plants. Then I think we'll harvest this and plant beans and peas in their place.

In addition to the yard/garden (as if that wasn't enough), I will help get the dishes done and spot mop anywhere needed. I'll tidy up, help James haul trash to the dump and then get us ready for church tomorrow. We have Sonrise service in the morning so I want everything laid out, down to the shoes and bows. We'll do baths and rest this evening. I've got 30 little toenails (and 10 big ones) to paint tonight along with 30 little fingernails. :)

Have a great Easter tomorrow!


donna said...

I hope you have a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful, memory filled, restful Easter!


Anonymous said...

Hey Susan,

Just to let you know that I made a recipe for pizza muffins that I got from a blog on your list: Emily Bites. They are an awesome and fast sub for pizza! I admittedly used a little more cheese and pepperoni than called for BUT they were wonderful. They take very little time per dozen and call for all ingredients we usually keep so big win! Just thought I would let you know :D


Susan said...

Wow, thanks, Heather! I will try out those muffins. Everything we've tried from Emily Bites has been very good. I am glad they worked out for you.