Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello and Memorial Day

Hello! Well, here we are with the unofficial first day of summer. I. LOVE. SUMMER. I don't know how else to put it. I just spent an awesome time baking in the hot sun and  drinking my hot coffee while reading a book and watching most of the children in the pool for the first time this year. Technically the pool water is warm enough to swim in but for this old gal, I'll wait till it warms up some more. Ha!

We are sooooo busy with having fun with friends, activities at church, working here and just trying to enjoy life that I've hardly had a change to get on here. I have been on Facebook a bit to monitor the children's accounts and I've watched a little bit of YouTube. That's about it with online stuff. I have been reading a bit on Trim, Healthy Mama page as well. What little spare time I've had I have been watching my newest favorite show.... American Pickers. I totally could be a picker and I suppose in a way I am but these guys are great~! I'd rather have something old and loved with a history any day over something new from China that came out of Walmart or the mall. No joke.

Despite ourselves the Lord has chosen to bless us in so many ways. I would go into detail if I weren't fearful of....going into too much detail. :D I just want to thank all the ones who prayed for us when I've asked for prayer. You know who you are and if you are guessing if it were you, then feel rest assured it was. :D

James is keeping busy with work. While normally he'd already be on four days a week by now as busy season would be over with by now, he's been blessed to stay on five days a week so far. Now, at any time they could announce that he'd be going to four days a week but for now things are steady. Also, his former employer also likes for him to work with them when he can. So, his income will be supplemented there.... as a matter of fact, they keep mentioning when  he can come work for them. James does go to the island to work a day or two every few weeks so this is helping with his hours as well.

We have been in need a of shed for a few years now as the termites got to our old shed. James had plans to eventually build a good sized shop but he found one on Craig's List instead. It's a 20ft X 30 ft, which is great! He and the children went to take it down on Friday and so it's in our yard now. We have to take down and clear out the old one before putting up the new one. Good news is that #1 this one is all steel. #2, this one is only 3 years old. #3 this one was at a killer deal! KILLER DEAL, I say! We are all excited to use it in so many ways. It reminds me of a friend who goes down to their shop to sit and relax.

Anyway, so we are done with school but I still need to fill in our paperwork. Dalton is a junior and through our association we have to have in juniors' paperwork by June 15th....can't forget! We were talking just a while ago about that he will be old enough to get a job before long. YIKES. That truthfully scares me. This letting go and allowing them to grow up is too much for me. Seriously. :D

Despite school being over with officially, we still have our learning we do here and there. Why, just today our six year old brought her math book up to me and asked if she could do some. Sure. hahaha.

Okay so I'd better go and do something that resembles work so I'll feel useful. I'm thinking of painting something.

Blessings to you and yours'. Also, don't forget those who gave all so we can have our freedom. Please remember their families as well.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I am glad that things are going great for you and your family and God is blessing you right now! Enjoy time with them all. Nancy

Beth said...

Hey!! Good to see you back online. Missed you.

I'm so happy that James's job seems to be holding steady right now. Sam got a PT job, 4 hours a day, that is really helping out. That was an answered prayer for sure!

Have a good week!