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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I wanted to share what our menu looks like this week. I am mostly following a Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle with eating. So, for me, this means laying it all out. If you don't know of this book and feel you're interested then please look it up. I try to have my own type of breakfasts and lunches and then eat the supper meal as the family does. So the supper meal is catered more toward the plan for everyone but they can have a bit more starch than I. The book is over 600 pages long and is A LOT of reading and a lot to soak in. I may not have this book fully digested for many months and even then it'll still be utilized as a cookbook. 

Supper Menu for May 27th - June 2nd (usually 6pm)

Monday: grilled leg quarter, fried okra and salad
Tuesday: chicken taco salad
Wednesday: crockpot roast, brussel sprouts, mock mashed potatoes or a bit of rice
Thursday: corned beef and cabbage
Friday: tuna salad sandwiches
Saturday: quiche
Sunday: turkey breasts, dressing, broccoli and cheese

Desserts are ice cream and cake. For me it is cake in a mug.

This is for the whole family.

For my lunches (Trim Healthy Mama style): (usually 12 noon)
fuel pull salad
chicken and oriental veggie stir-fry with konjac noodles
lettuce wraps
cajun cottage cheese salad
sausage and sour krout

Breakfast for me: (usually 8am)

oatmeal, berries, yogurt, cottage cheese and/or eggs

Snacks for me: (usually 2pm)

rich chocolate fudge
apple and peanut butter
blueberry or strawberry smoothie
popcorn (2 cups only!)
cottage cheese with SF gelatin added for flavor

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April said...

It all sounds good!