Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu for 8/25 througfh 8/31

Here's our Menu for this week. I have a total for each day that estimates how much each day's worth of meals should cost us. I also have a total of how much I spent

Sunday, 8/25

Breakfast: bacon, eggs(from back yard) $2.50
Dinner: SPAM, cabbage $5
Supper: We ate at the social at church but took Italian sausage soup and homemade brownies $5
We had leftover tea from Saturday (free) and one pot of coffee (.25)

Total: $12.75

Monday, 8/26

Breakfast: cereal $2 (we got cereal at $1 a box and used powdered milk alternative)
Lunch: leftover Italian Sausage soup FREE
Supper: chicken alfredo,  green beans and homemade Italian cheese bread $8
beverages: tea and coffee .75
Snack/dessert: watermelon $2

Daily Total: $12.75

Tuesday 8/27

Breakfast: eggs, cheese grits $2
Lunch: ramen noodles $1
Supper: crockpot mac and cheese, fried smoked sausage, leftover green beans $7.50
beverages: .75
watermelon: $2

Daily Total: $13.25

Wednesday, 8/28

Breakfast: pancakes and bacon $3.50
Lunch: pig in blankets, carrot and celery sticks $2.50
Supper: leftovers FREE

watermelon $2

Daily Total: $8.75

Thursday, 8/29

Breakfast: blueberry or cinnamon muffins $1.50
Lunch: fish sticks and leftover green beans $2
Supper: chili and cornbread $3.50 (made with dried beans bought in 50lb. bags and deer meat)
beverages. $1.75

Daily Total: $8.75

Friday 8/30

Breakfast: eggs and cheese grits $2
Lunch: bean burritos (made from leftover chili) $1.25
Supper: tacos (meat and bean) $5
Peach cobbler $3
Beverages: .75
Daily Total: $12

Saturday 8/31

Breakfast: We have church visitation at church and have doughnuts before-hand. FREE
Lunch: homemade corn dogs $1.50 (I was able to buy two packs of hot dogs for .53 each with coupon)
Supper: meatball stew $5
Snacks: $1.50 (Trail mix, carrots, popcorn)
beverages: .75

Daily Total: $8.75

This week's total is: $ 77.00

This averages at $11 a day.

What did it cost to buy ingredients complete this menu? It was a little more than what I initially wanted it to be but I think it will round out just fine by vacation time.

Sam's Club:
25 pounds flour
5 pounds shredded cheddar cheese

Dollar General:
Pasta sauce, pinto beans,ramen noodles

 2 packs hot dogs

Produce Stand:

watermelon, apples, lettuce and onion


Total this week is: $ 40.48

The good news is that some of this carries over the next few weeks. We won't consume the pasta sauce or pinto beans till next week. Also, we definitely won't be eating five pounds of cheese in one week. :D

I am hoping that we will only spend a little under $20 next week? We'll see!


Christina said...

Thanks for sharing. I want the recipe for the Italian sausage soup soon okay? Sounds yummy!

Susan said...

I just posted it. Enjoy!