Saturday, August 24, 2013

Frugality Today

Today I made a menu for the week. I also made up my $20 grocery list for next week. Instead of using the whole chicken today, I seasoned and cooked it in the crockpot and split the meat for two meals. Tonight I put some in some gravy and served over mashed potatoes. These potatoes would be going bad soon so I am glad I caught them. They were way too good. We had these with homegrown greens from the freezer. I air dried two loads of laundry. When we went to church to clean I was careful to ease on the gas and coast as much as possible. I read some on the Prudent Homemaker site and blog.


Cathie said...

love to see your menu
if anyone can do it - you can :)

love ya

Anonymous said...

I love The Prudent Homemaker Blog! She has a lot of frugal, healthy menus on her website as well and she does a handmade Christmas that's fairly easy for people who are creatively/sewing challeneged like Me!