Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Saturday!!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week. We had a blessed week and are happy that the weekend is now here. Currently it is quiet as I sit typing on the desktop. All of the children are still snoozing at 7:30 this morning. James left 30 minutes ago to work this morning at his part time job (HVAC). In a few hours the girls and I will head to church to clean. Then we'll head back here to do some chores. I need to sneak some reading in with Joy-Anna too.

 I am supposing I should hit the kitchen and make breakfast in a bit. I am thinking of bacon and pancakes. I bought this bacon on clearance and matched it with coupons. The bacon was around $2/ pound and it's Smithfield. I am thinking that this will be my last meal to cook until perhaps Monday! Someone gave us tickets for a benefit meal. The meal includes 1/2 a chicken, coleslaw, vegetable and roll. We have eight tickets! I am thinking this will be our main meal for today and tomorrow... I will thaw some soups for lunch today and supper tomorrow night as we have our main meal at dinner on Sundays. Dinner around here is during the day. This is not to be confused with lunch as lunch is a small meal during the day but when you say, "dinner" , this is meaning a larger, heavier meal. :D

I found a few good deals this week. We went thrifting at a few stores. One thrift store, I found a skirt and blouse, both together were $2.12. Another thrift store we found some skates. The man at the counter gave them to us! What a wonderful gesture toward my girls. :D At another thrift store I scored an electric roaster. I had a roaster but I used it so much that that the pan wore out. I believe that the pan was really thin to start with. It was a 10qt. roaster. This one is an 18 quart and was never used. It still had papers in it. It was for $10. I looked up the cost on Amazon and I saved over $60 for it. Not that I would have put $70+ in one. This thing is huge! I want to cook something in it but don't know what on earth to put in it right now. We also found some shoes and dresses for the girls.

 We have began a new schedule this week. It's working splendidly. I'll share in another post. Have a great weekend in the Lord!

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