Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was busy as ever!  The girls and I got up early on Saturday and went to a few  yard sales. It was pretty much a bust. I did find a blouse and two kitchen towels but that was all. We went and cleaned the church. Afterwards, we stopped at a grocery store up by the church and bought some killer-priced chicken breasts. Yay, us! I had been talking about how chicken breasts had not been on sale in forever and how I wanted some....then, a sale that will most likely never-ever happen again took place. :D

After the store, we went home and had lunch. James had picked up plates from the fund raiser. They were pretty good but did not make it to the leftover stage. We had sandwiches Saturday evening.

Sunday, we got up as usual and headed for Sunday School and church. We ran into a wreck that had just happened a few seconds ahead. All was okay but the poor people were shook up. They were headed to church somewhere too but did  not  make it. At church a fellow who is a son of a high school friend came to visit. I am not sure what he thought but perhaps he'll be back.

After church we went to the store and picked up some more chicken breasts. They were at a good price but not as good as the day before. Next we stopped at Dollar General for some newspapers and then headed home for dinner. I had made some crockpot chicken. I heated some corn and felt guilty that I had not prepared a "real" vegetable. We ate, rested very quickly and then headed back out at 3:00. We stopped in at Walmart (insert eyes rolling here) as I needed to pick up supplies for a birthday cake for this week. Also, I bought some Gillette shave foam that was a money maker with coupons. I made .26 a can... I picked up some hair dye too. I sure hope it comes out my natural color but will find out soon. :D We looked for a Bible there for our 7 year old but will need to go to the Christian bookstore for that. We went to The ChefStore . This is a new store comparable to Sam's Club and Costco but does not require membership fees. The prices are comparable or better, depending on what you're buying. I bought some shredded sharp cheese at a little over $2 a pound and ground beef at $1.98 a pound.

Next, we headed for church to have children's choir practice. That went well. Then we had evening service, a little fellowship time and then came home.

Like I said, we were very busy but had a great weekend. Now, to catch up on the housekeeping. With our chore lists, hopefully we'll be caught up by day's end? ;D

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Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Whew! I think I would be tired by the end of the day! Great that you found chicken for a good price. I am waiting! Enjoy your week! Nancy