Thursday, January 9, 2014

~January Menu Time(breakfast and lunch~

For breakfast, we have been having just a handful of the same things. A lot of times I make green smoothies. Most choose to have them with me but there is a certain young man and a certain young lady who will not even think of trying one. The young man is 16 and usually fries himself a few eggs. The young lady will do the same or does not each breakfast....unless.... we have our other usual breakfasts. Those other breakfasts are usually oatmeal, pancakes or egg sandwiches/burritos. Since reading some of, I am interested in crepes. Our breakfast averages out to about $1.75. 

This is what we have on our lunch menu for this month. 
  1. ham, peas, greens, cornbread
  2. soup made from leftover ham, peas and greens
  3. egg salad sandwiches
  4. leftover pizza
  5. Little Caesar's 
  6. leftovers
  7. tortilla pizzas
  8. bbq weanies, broccoli and cheese pasta
  9. ramen, leftovers
  10. leftovers (mashed potatoes, hamburger gravy, green beans)
  11. leftover pizza
  12. leftovers
  13. meat pockets (I roll out our dough from the pasta maker I was given at Christmas)
  14. leftovers
  15. ramen
  16. soup(probably turkey noodle)
  17. egg salad
  18. leftover pizza
  19. leftover pork bbq or carnitas
  20. hot dogs
  21. ramen
  22. bean and cheese burritos
  23. soup 
  24. pb and j
  25. leftover pizza
  26. leftovers
  27. tortilla pizzas
  28. mac and cheese
  29. ramen
  30. ham sandwiches 
This averages out to about $2 a meal and that includes our $21 Little Caesar's visit. If  it had not been for that visit, our average daily lunch would be about $1.48 a day. It pays to have planned leftovers, I tell ya! I'll post our supper menu in the next post. 

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