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Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Menu Time (Supper)

Okay, so here is the supper menu for this month. This is subject to change at any time. We have one birthday meal coming up that really is quite costly. It's okay as it's time to celebrate~!

  1. leftover ham, peas, greens and cornbread
  2. mac and cheese, green beans
  3. pizza
  4. steak, garlic mashed potatoes and salad
  5. beef stew (used leftover steak)
  6. minestrone soup(used leftover steak)
  7. tacos
  8. roast beef sandwiches, chips (we would not have had chips but these were bought on clearance, thus the treat)
  9. meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
  10. shepherd's pie (with leftover mashed potatoes)
  11. wings, salad and mashed potatoes
  12. leftovers
  13. taco soup
  14. taco salad
  15. pizza pockets 
  16. leftovers
  17. pizza
  18. bbq, hash and rice, sweet potato casserole
  19. chili
  20. Birthday meal****beaufort stew
  21. leftover chili
  22. ????
  23. ????
  24. pizza casserole
  25. fish, salad, sauteed squash
  26. ????
  27. Italian sausage soup
  28. taco salad
  29. sloppy joes
  30. leftovers
  31. pizza
Since I have two meals open, I did an average for only 29 meals. The average is $6.38. My disclaimer is that the birthday meal would not come out of the usual grocery money but out of birthday money. However, I did add it into this figure. Also, I did include the meatloaf entree into this but this was bought for us through my mom. So the true average figure is even a tad lower. 

So an average daily amount we are consuming right now is $10.51 because I am including a $1 snack on average. Snacks are usually, frozen fruit, popcorn, leftover bread, chopped up veggies, apples in apple dip, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers.... Now, count in another $1 a day for sweet tea and coffee. That is a total of $356.81 for a 31 day month, on average. This is really a high because the birthday meal is a lot and we have wings like maybe..... every five years. :D 


vicki said...

Your menu looks great. I have never tried to create a whole months menu at one time. I have thought about writing one week and multiplying all ingredients by 4 to get a month. :) I have never heard of beaufort stew, but I'm going to look it up.


Cheryl said...

Your menu looks good. I am still adjusting our meals. We have had four at home the last few weeks so our groceries have gone up.

Have a wonderful day and I am glad that you are posting again.