Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Weekend

The weekend went very well. We had Saturday open with no outside responsibilities. That was awesome! James worked in the yard. I worked inside, just as always.

James worked out clearing the spot where the old shed once was, and where the new shed will be going. The new shed will be great and I cannot wait for it to be done. Turns out, we will have to work on our drainage from our septic before we can pour concrete for the shed. Yep. Something else to cost money and to delay the shed being done. Something else to delay our garden. I am coming up with alternative ways to plant. I cannot stand the idea of  not having a garden this year. We save too much money with it. Besides, it's therapeutic for me and last year was not a great year for gardening.

Sunday was nice. We had two great services, a meal and nap in between... We worked at getting ready for work on Monday as well.

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