Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Monday

I am hoping you all are doing well! We are enjoying this first part of the week. This month has been quite crazy and so I am thankful for a slower week. I just don't do well with having to be away from home. It is good to get away a little here and there but I am content with being HOME. There is no place like HOME. Something that I have been reminded of this month is that you cannot make a house a home unless you are * home*.

Housekeeping was slipping behind but today -yes, today, I was able to be home and worked and worked and worked.  I worked mainly in the master bedroom and bathroom with trying to get it up to snuff. It is about there. Then there were the usual daily chores of dishes and laundry. Couple that with homeschooling and cooking then we have a full, full day. The downside is that I didn't get to go out for fresh air today.

Tomorrow will be half a day of being gone. Once a week we journey into "town" to run errands. We go to the library, have a group science class for the high schoolers and the girls have piano lessons. From start to finish our journey lasts four to four and a half hours. With it being in the late afternoon/ early evening I have learned to have supper ready before we go and to make it an easy meal. Tomorrow night I have scheduled for us to have oyster stew. I will need to boil eggs and the rest will be easy to toss together and keep on warm for when we get home. Speaking of meals...I need to make a blog post on meal planning.

Okay, so for now that is all. I hope you all have a very blessed week!

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