Monday, September 30, 2019


Today is filled with lots of laundry. We have eight beds in this home and so that makes for a lot of washing -just in bedding alone! Even so, there is nothing like fresh sheet day! A few comforters are getting washed and freshened up as well. I bought some Fab detergent from the Dollar Tree which smells what I woould think of as heavenly. I bought Fab when James and I first got married and I worked at a local grocery store. I also bought some Bounce Island Fresh dryer sheets that smells even a little bit more heavenly. Having news scents of laundry products makes doing laundry more fun.

This past weekend our 20-year-old son moved back home. It is nice having him home again. We are currently chauffering him back and forth to work. It takes some time as his job is about 35 minutes away. I am thinking he can get a car soon though. All of that to say, we are up to six children at home again.

The past few weeks I have been asking the family to write down some meals they would like me to make. I posted a picture of the list on here to share. It has been fun making some family favorites. Hopefully, this list can be on-going and I am going to keep the list for future reference. I thought it would be fun seeing the fun note about someone feeling too sick to think about food....He's fine and recovered quickly. :)

We have been, as usual, trying to save money here and there and it is always fun to see how the Lord intervenes in our lives with blessings. We have been given lots of zucchini in the past five days. I have made a few meals out of it, plan on making a few more and also freezing the excess for later. I think I am going to make some zucchini-potato curry with some rice. I also thought of either Italian zucchini dish or stuffed zucchini.

We are also supposed to get lots of venison from a co-worker of James'. He needs to clean out last year's deer to make room for this year's. He asked James to bring a big cooler to fill. Yes, sir! In years past we would be given venison as long as we'd pay for processing. This is even better as we don't have to pay for processing. I am praying for that man to be a very successful hunter in the future. :D

This week we have the usual school and chores but have lots of fun coming. Our oldest daughter and her family plan on making it in on Wednesday and be with us for a few days. We are going camping on Friday and Saturday with our church family as well.I am so excited about it all!

Well, the washer is singing to me so I guess I should run and switch things around. Work never waits!

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