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Saturday, May 13, 2006

AAAAHHHH! It's Everywhere!!!!!

There is this "I'm worth it" and "pamper yourself" thing going on everywhere and it's invading even the christian community. There's reminders on FlyLady to not forget to pamper yourself and on other boards to do something for yourself. I thought that this was a natural lust of the flesh to do and having pride of life. Don't get me wrong... the Lord didn't intend for us to treat ourselves as dogs but how many of us really allow that to happen? What I see in scripture is for us to bring ourselves down a bit and to humble ourselves as it's our sinful nature to do the opposite.
Are there cases where some really have low self esteem? Sure there are! I'd be willing to say that a large percentage of those who do have a sin of selfishness. Isn't this "ME" thing a selfish state of mind? And then there are others who may truly be going through a hard time such as having an abusive husband or parents. So is the solution for them to go out and get a manicure? Will this solve their troubles? Hardly a chance! This is only temporal. So what an eternal solution? How about a good ole' long bath... not the kind you're thinking of... I'm talking about going through the blood. The blood that was shed for EACH of us. How can our Saviour going through such a thing and then proving He is the One True God by rising again not make you feel that you are worth anything? It makes me feel like royalty( I am by the way) and I don't need a hair commercial to convince me or a hair stylist or anyone else to let me know how much I'm worth. That was done before I was even thought of and conceived.

John 15:17These things
I command you, that
ye love
one another.

Ephesians 4:2With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing
one another in love;

Okay, I gave scripture references about to show that we are to love one another.This is biblical. This is a commandment. Is it a commandment to love self? That's a natural thing to do anyway. Very few has to be reminded to love self. You see, if we love others and they follow God's commands to love us then it all comes full circle. If we aren't loved in return, then how about love them anyway? No where have I seen that we are to love others only if they love us. Love is a contagious thing that can be passed on through the Holy Spirit. It really can!

Galatians 5:16This I say then, Walk
in the Spirit, and
ye shall not fulfil
the lust
of the flesh.

This scripture in Galatians talks of walking in Spirit and fulfilling this "me" thing that's invading our world.

I John 2:16For all
that is in
the world,
the lust
of the flesh, and
the lust
of the eyes, and
the pride
of life, is not of
the Father, but is of
the world.

In I John the "me" society is totally unbiblical. These things of lust and pride is not of the Father, but of the world.

7:23All these
evil things come
from within, and defile
the man.

This scripture passage speaks of what truly defiles the man. In this passage it includes lasciviousness and pride. Lasciviousness is unbridled lust, excess, wantonness. It's all about having "me" things, doing "me" things, eating "me" things...on and on. I'd be willing to say that if the world would get off this "me" trip then a lot of marriages would stay strong, children would be happier, weight loss scams would be close to nil and everyone would turn toward one another and Christ. This is a lifelong lesson and surgery of the heart. It's something that is a thing to fight daily. I know I have to fight it all the time. Okay, this "me" subject is making me a little sick on the stomache so I'll go now.

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