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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

November 2007

Nov. 27, 2007 -
Here is the soup terrain I got from Good Will for $6.00! I am so happy to have it. The gravy boat that's beside it was James' grandmother's. It's very worn and very old but I am thankful to have it, especially since it was her's.

Here are our new plates! If you notice the candle holders, I got those at Good Will earlier this year. I just love that place! The candles were given to me by a wonderful friend. A friend of her's made them out of bee's wax. They are too pretty to burn and fit in the holders perfectly. This friend is moving to Kentucky. Each time I look at the candles I think of her friendship.
I am collecting things for my "someday china cabinet" for our new dining room. I am waiting for the Lord to point it out when He sees fit. It'd be nice to set up pretties in one and not have to dust the goodies.
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Nov. 27, 2007 - Ready for Rest!
Boy, it's been crazy these past several days! The builders are all done except for installing the windows and door. Of which the windows aren't due to be in until Thursday. James and Brittany put the shingles on the roof this past weekend with the aid of a few helpers. A man from church came and installed the plumbing for us. What a blessing! It probably took him all of a day or more total to complete it. Last night we began installing some of the HVAC system. I helped James put in the HVAC "boots". Maybe next week we will have an electrician friend here to do the electrical. Then I think it'll be time for another inspection. There's all this talk that the inspectors are really hard to deal with and nit-pick at every a hard time in passing inspection. I am REALLY praying to have the opposite experience.
As for school, we have not had any since last Wednesday and I am ready to get going again! I have a new system set up for the youngest three that I hope will run smoothly. In theory it will but we'll see. Dalton, our 5th grader, will be done with his bookwork in February--if things go as they are presently. I was beginning to pray on what to "do with him" the rest of the school year. The Lord dropped in my lap the Beyond Five in a Row curriculum. We have used Five in a Row(Vol. 1) before and really enjoyed it. A lady at church asked if I wanted the Beyond edition with the christian supplement~! She has no idea that I was praying over what to do for Dalton's last bit of school. So, the Lord answered that prayer. The best part is the curriculum is meant to last one semester (80-100 days). This will be perfect with the time we need~! Thank you, LORD!
In addition to getting school started back up, I really have SO much chaotic mess in the home right now. I am hoping to diligently catch up within today and tomorrow, or at least complete catching up by the weekend! As we find great deals on the addition, we are stocking the items in our present home. James doesn't want the items in the way of our work so the stuff is everywhere! I feel like we are in a warehouse.....not to mention 44 cases of laminate flooring in our van of which has to go somewhere in here. Hmmmmmm.....anyway, James caught a good deal on the flooring $.75 per square foot and wanted that type of flooring. So that's settled! We do have to pick out some vinyl flooring for the bath and washroom.
Yesterday after my dental checkup I went into Good Will and found a couple of treasures. I found a very pretty set of white and brown dishes. They are Jeannette China by Sussex. I got a set of 8 for $7! Normally you can't buy one dish for that much... we ate off them, with the exception of baby, last night as a treat. I am thankful to have them. Oh and a much higher prized find was a big, pretty, white soup terrain with a little plate under it and complete with the ladle. It's in mint condition. I LOVE IT! Brittany took pictures of both purchases and so I will post pics later. I am wanting to collect some of the "white" stuff, especially plates, platters and terrains. pretty............... Thank you LORD for helping me find these two great deals. They were right there for just me, I know it! Why no one else grabbed them before I got them had to be providential.
I am on a race against time to finish my yearly scripture reading..... I have Galatians, Ephesians and Phillipians to get read before December 2nd..........Oh boy, I hope I can do it!! Then I get to start anew and hopefully do better next reading year.
Okay, so the piano teacher is due to visit our warehouse...errrr....home in a little over an hour. I better go and see what I can get done before then. Have a wonderful day and week in the Lord!
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Nov. 21, 2007 - Addition Picture
Here is a picture of the outside. They got this done yesterday. I should have some more pictures later!
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Nov. 19, 2007 - Home Addition Update
Looky, looky! We have the beginnings of a new roof! The crew arrived about 7:15 this morning and met with James to go over final measurements and to make sure we were on the same page as far as what goes where. Then they set to work! As you recall, we had two exterior walls and that's all. Today they framed all the interior walls, the final back, exterior wall, put in the floor joists for the second floor, layed subflooring for some of the second floor, and began installing roof rafters! Oh, and also they put in some floor joists for the porch. This is done by only three men and, boy, are they building it solid and right! These guys are great~!
the porch
...down the hallway. This is looking through the window where the doorway is going to be. We have two bedrooms on the right, a bathroom and washroom(with family closet) to the left. At the end of the hall will be the stairs leading upstairs. Upstairs is where the playroom(11 by 22) will be. The bathtub is already in place to the left. It had to be put in before the walls were completely framed so it would fit.
the back
So, that's the latest!
We've been busy getting our school done along with chores. It's been sort of hard to contain the children indoors while the work is going on outside. I did let them go out about 15 minutes before the crew left, with specific instructions to stay on the opposite side of the house. For the most part we are getting school done before lunch...with maybe an hour or so more in the afternoons. Maybe I can get the children moving a little bit sooner in the mornings? Okay, so maybe I shouldn't push it. Ha!
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Nov. 16, 2007 - Home Addition Update
We went to town to run errands with only floor joists being installed and came back to this! This picture was snapped as we were coming down our road. Wow, what a change!

This will be part of the front porch later. This might be where all our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren overflow one day for all those dinners!

This is the inside of the addition. It's certainly different to look out our livingroom windows and see another room instead of down the road. I joke with the boys that I am going to keep the windows in the livingroom to watch them sleep at night. I told them it'll be like the baby nursery at the hospital, complete with the windows. They didn't like that idea too much. LOL

This picture was actually taken out of one of those livingroom windows.

There's only three fellows working to do this job and they are really working it hard! They don't play! I can't believe how fast they are moving, but yet they are doing great work. They aren't skimping in materials as I am watching and know a little bit about house construction....enough to not have my leg pulled anyway. The guys said that they will be finished with drying in the house by this coming Thursday....Thanksgiving! With the rate they are going, I don't doubt it. They have another job to begin right thereafter so they do have motivation to move quickly. They get paid by the job and not by the hour. No matter what they are paid, with what they do I don't think it's near enough!
So, that's the latest in our home addition adventure! James is bringing home the bathtub enclosure to put in the pending bathroom. It has to be in before the walls go up because this type won't fit through the door.
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Nov. 13, 2007 - When it Rain's, it Pours....
The bad news is, my dishwasher died again(Maytag, ugh!), the fridge is leaking and the stove is about shot. The good news is that we budgetted in new appliances with the addition! We chose black ones as we've had white and I wanted a change and the stainless steel was way too expensive.
So we took a trip to Sears last night and I about got a headache spending so much money. I like things but boy it stresses me out to spend a lot of money. The story is that James wanted to get me a wall oven and separate cooktop but they were way too expensive. So we went with the full range...but it's a GAS range! We are to get the appliances on Friday. Anyway, it's a gas range with five burners, a optional griddle in the middle, a convection oven and warming drawer. I can't believe how much was packed into this one stove...and for the price. The price matched that of a cooktop and much lower than just the wall oven!
We got a side by side fridge and a great dishwasher. This dishwasher has the grinder(disposer) and I am glad we went when we did as they are going to quit making that kind. This one has a stainless steel tub but that was James' choosing. We got 20% off the total purchase since we bought 3 appliances at once. Swwwwweeeetttttt!
I am very thankful for all these wonderful things I can enjoy in our home daily. The children were SO well behaved as we made our decisions. The sales people were so impressed. I am also thankful for that too. Thank you, Lord for ALL you do for us.
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Nov. 13, 2007 - Home Addition

Trying to move the old quince bush.... I really hope that some shoots from this bush will make it. This bush is soooo old and so many have complimented on it. A few years back a lady came and wanted a cutting from it. I gave her some runners and I hope they made it, although that lady has now passed. This bush was horrible to remove! I think we were going to dig to China. Finally, long after dark and in the cold we were able to pull it with the Astro. That was fun! I got to drive the van while James told me what to do. The children watched from the porch, in awe.
Helping shovel dirt... The snowball bush to the very left also had to be moved, in order for the porch to be extended. James bought this bush from me about 12 years ago. It's so pretty in the springtime with snowball/hydrangea type blooms all over it. In between the two windows there was a huge Oleandor bush that's been here many years long as we've been here and that's been almost 15 years. There were beds built up with railroad ties under each window. They are now just a memory! This used to be where our driveway was. Now it will be on the other side of the house.
The finished shoveled part...this is when we were done. The big bush we pulled in on the side.
The part the construction workers did....this is after the crew had dug the footers. Now right in between the addition to be and the road is a huge pile of red sand. We had to remove a lot of the brick patio right here at the back steps. I plan on relaying the bricks and extend the patio another way.
Here's another view. We plan on extending the porch the whole length of the front of the addition. The porch will be something around 40 feet long! I hope to one day have rockers and ferns all across the front......pretty!
We are now waiting for "Mr. Inspector" to come and inspect the footers. We were really messed up since Monday was a holiday but the crew worked anyway. We are supposed to give a 24 hour notice to the inspector's office for inspection. Well, we had to wait till 8:00am this morning when they opened in order to call. I hope they are here first thing in the morning and it passes inspection so the crew can get back to work. I felt bad for them as they couldn't work today and so they are losing time/pay. Poor guys. They worked like crazy yesterday and were eager to get started today. Hopefully tomorrow they can resume work.
James is under the house at this moment rerouting my gray water line for the washing machine. I haven't been able to wash in TWO DAYS as the old line was destroyed with all the digging. So he's trying to work something out now. I can't wait to get some wash done! Thus the life of adding on.....
We are so excited!

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Nov. 8, 2007 - Too Funny
While approaching the local Lowe's parking lot our three year old noticed Christmas lights in the garden center. She exclaimed, "Oh look! Christmas lights! Happy New Year!" Never mind "Merry Christmas". She related it to New Year's. Ha!
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Nov. 8, 2007 -
Wow, has this week flown or what? We have been thoroughly drenched in the Lord's blessings! Where do I start? Okay, school is going very well. We have officially started lapbooking this week and the children LOVE it! I am so glad. Dalton had his nose deep in his science book, trying to see what neat facts he could include in his earth lapbook. Brittany finished up her one on bones. It was to be on the human body but she decided that that's way too broad of a subject for just one lapbook. I must get to the office supply store, hopefully tonight, to get some brads and more manilla folders. Fun, fun!!! James came home for lunch yesterday and the children were contently sitting at the dining table and doing their work. James mentioned that he loves seeing them so interested in their schoolwork and he also thinks this way of learning might match our family best. That blessed my heart, that he felt that way! It was confirmation that this is a good thing.
Okay, on to more exciting news; we closed on our equity loan Tuesday morning!!!! Yes! The terms of the loan was even BETTER than we thought it was going to be. James called the builders and told them we are set to go. They anxiously called James back this morning at 7:00am and told him they had the contract ready for him to sign and when could they meet. So James met with the builders and signed our contract! Hallelujah! In the contract, it's exactly as they had estimated. God is good. So, now protocol is that new construction must be treated for termites. Just a note; a few weeks ago James lifted up a log and we saw what we suspected as termite. Well, being the worrywort that I am I was highly concerned. Anyway, so James calls Terminix to get set up for a free estimate. The fellow says he could be out in 30 minutes. YIKES! James calls me right away and tells me he's coming in 30 minutes. (&()*&(^*%(%*&^)(^(&(_*&%$^&$^#%^$&^(*+)(_+)_+_(^*%&*$????? What???? So I am running around like a mad woman to get the living room in descent order for a stranger to come in. Okay, on to the prognosis. He puts on the paper how much treatment would be and that we had termite damage and powder post beetles. He just comes to the door and hands me the paperwork and leaves. No explanation. I start studying what was there and went into TOTAL SHEER PANIC!!!!!! I do a google on powder post beetles as I had never heard of them. I did not like what I saw. I just had this awful idea that our existing home wasn't livable, much less being able to add on. Oh, I called James so upset and pleaded for him to call the Terminix man and get a detailed explanation. He calls back a few hours later and says to not worry....the wood could have looked like that when this house was built long ago. That it's typical in old homes like this and that we are fine. He said we had the beginning of termites but that he could wipe them out quickly. WHEW ! What a relief. So end of that story is that we got a good estimate and "Mr. Terminix" said he could be out the very next day of our call to begin treatment. Thank you very much.
So, the builders are starting on Monday! It is estimated for them to do the outer shell ( called "dry it in"), it will take about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks! We are in hopes to have the addition completed in 9 months(the longest), 6 months(better) or even 3 months(BEST!!).
I don't know why I keep waiting for something to stop this whole process. I just keep thinking that it's way too good to be true and so that it is. I guess you are saying that I am being a little pesimistic. I hate to say it but maybe I am having lack of faith. I love the Lord and know He will take care of His children. But, I have a hard time knowing what a need and a want is. So sometimes I go overboard in not wanting luxuries...or possible needs. Then I also have a hard time not feeling quilty with having nice(r) things. I just need to get over it I guess!
So bottom line is that starting Monday there will be some big changes around here! I will hopefully be posting some pictures soon of the children school work and construction work!

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Nov. 5, 2007 - Busy Weekend, Colds and a New Week
Well, we all have the gunky cold now. Dalton is doing much better! He still has a few more days of steroids and antibiotics. I will have to listen to his chest to see if he will need any breathing treatments today. I sure hope not! I have been feeling groggy and just wanting to sleep. I had a very long nap yesterday in between church services. That also helped me to catch up on some sleep from Joy-Anna wanting to stay up all Friday night. She just coughed and hacked. And when not doing that she just wanted to move around a lot. We should be good as new in a few days though. I think we are on the road to recovery now. I just need more pep to catch up on my dreadful house.
Despite sicknesses and the like we had a very busy weekend! Saturday was prayer meeting and church visitation. I stayed back with Dalton and cooked some chicken noodle soup. After visitation we ate some yummy bar-b-que, chicken noodle soup and chili. The men and children, minus Dalton, played football and we ladies just talked about recipes, children and babies, homeschooling and the usual housekeeping bit.
Yesterday was Sunday school and church services, both morning and evening. We had a full day! Last night we went to pick up a cheesecake at a dear widow's house. James had fixed her unit last week. Well, when we went she said that it wasn't working again. It was blowing out cool air. So we will be heading back over to fix that. Hopefully it's a cheap, easy fix.
Here's my list of desired things to get done:
~ Clean up the kitchen in it's entirity. It's a total mess!!!!
~Have Brittany to clean out fish tank and bowl.
~Do wash from masterbath. Put away wash done on Saturday.
~ School Day! We will be heavy into science and social studies today. I am wanting to get the children started on some lapbooks at least in science, if not also in social studies.We need to drop off some library books as well.
~ For supper I hope to make some salmon patties, rice and gravy and beans.
I haven't sewn since Thursday and I don't think I will get to it today either. Since Dalton's asthma attack on Friday, things have been wacky.
We will be closing on our loan tomorrow morning at 9:00am! We are most excited about this. We have been doing some prep work for when the people come pour the footers. I am sure that once we are done with the lawyer's office, and get our permit to build, that James will be calling the construction people right away.
Have a great day in the Lord!
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Nov. 2, 2007 - Dalton's Asthma
Well, Dalton's asthma reared it's ugly head and wouldn't leave him alone. I had called his pediatric office to see if they'd call in some meds. Two hours later they had not called back and Dalton was getting pretty bad. I had tried to read his science lesson to him and noticed how badly the attack was progressing. I told Samuel to get his socks and shoes. Dalton got them on and I drove him up to the doctor right down the road(2 minutes away). They took him right in and got him started on treatments. His oxygen levels were very low. He had to get two neb treatments and two steroid(yikes!) shots. He did so well with those shots! They gave him a great price of an art kit for being so brave. I am so proud that he did so well. We had to wait for his levels to get better and then they let us go. The doctor prescribed four different kinds of meds. Convienantly, there's a new pharmacy right across the road and they took our insurance! So we got them filled right away. He's on antibiotics, has fresh albuterol, an inhaler and steroids(yikes again!). He's to stay pretty inactive the next few days. That's a bummer because some fellas at the church are getting together to play football tomorrow. We may still go but Dalton has to not play. : (
I am glad I took him when I did because his attack was pretty bad. He's eating now as he hasn't had a good meal since lunchtime yesterday. I'll be glad to have my Dalton back! He's doing better already.
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Nov. 2, 2007 - Things Learned and Sick Children
sick children....
I have at least four, if not all six, children with a bad cough. Dalton had to have an asthma treatment this morning as well. Ugh! I was hoping that he had outgrown this. I am praying that this treatment calms it down so that he won't have to go in to the doctor. I am also praying that they get better by tomorrow for church visitation. If they are not then they will have to stay home and rest. This has been the year for sicknesses. We've had at least three colds since springtime. That's very unusual for us. We usually get one cold a year or so.
housekeeping/chore talk....
I got my kitchen back up to par. Now to juggle keeping it all going. A dear friend likened being a homemaker and homeschool mom to spinning plates. It is much like that. We must keep those plates spinning on the poles! Well, now I am blessed with an older girl. So, I have "blessed" her with a day of washing laundry, every three days. This is what is working in our house; I have three locations for laundry. I have a dirty laundry spot in the masterbath, boys' room, and girls' room. I do a room a day in order said. But on the day for the girl's room, my oldest does the wash! So on days, like this morning when I didn't get to fold the previous day's wash then I have a chance to catch up as today is her day to do wash! Guess what's more exciting. When my oldest son is a few years older, he can do the boys room's wash! Isn't that a trip? Also, right now I am making the bedwetters wear their "goodnights" to bed so that I'll have less insanity wet linens to deal with. That makes for a smiling Mama, despite an added expense to the grocery budget.
Depending on how the boys feel later, we may be starting a lapbook for science and maybe one for social studies as well. We'll see how they are doing later. We are gearing up for some fun learning and lapbooking and notebooking is on the rise! Yes! I bought a huge pack of construction paper from Sam's last week and can't wait to utilize it in our schooling. Fun, fun!
In the sewing department, I finished up a casserole cover that had been incomplete for probably four years or so. I had made a bunch of them as Christmas presents years ago but never had completed one for myself. So now I have! Now I am debating on whether to sew a few table runners for our dining table or a jumper for one of the girls. I have an old jumper of mine I wanted to try to cut down to size for Bethany. I also have in mind to make a skirt out of a pillowcase for Bethany and also some more bloomers for both the younger girls.
home addition...
In home addition news, we are still waiting on someone to call us as to when to go to the lawyer to sign papers on our loan. James has a feeling that when we finally do that, then things will move quickly. A friend at church gave us a coupon card for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more. So we debated on what we should get...what we would want new and at a good price at Lowe's. We settled on a toilet. Ha! So we got that for about $43, seat not included. So now we are the happy owners of a toilet for the new bathroom! Yes, piece by piece we will get this stuff down. If we keep buying things here and there we may have it all bought before we sign for the loan. LOL
Well, I need to get things rolling again. I decided to sit down and take a break while Dalton had his treatment and nap. I better make sure all have had breakfast and set into our routines. Have a great day in the LORD!

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Nov. 1, 2007 - 45 Minutes at a Time
Pam asked a question about using a timer for sewing. She asked how often I am sewing and setting the timer.
I was trying to sew just 30 minutes a day but I have decided that I "needed" 30-45 minutes. I have actually been sewing upwards to 45 minutes daily. Well, "sewing" includes going through and picking out patterns and material, cutting out patterns and material, actual sewing and any cleaning up and putting away. I spent 15 minutes alone on just folding patterns and material to put away again. I began thinking and realized that it seems I need 45 minutes to do certain tasks a lot! I have set up a lot of things we do on a 45 minutes basis. School subjects, kitchen cleanup, laundry folding, sewing, and computer all seem to work at 45 minutes each for me. Even daily bathroom/bedroom cleanup(quick cleanup of masterbath, master bedroom, boys' room, inspection of girl's room, then main bath) works better set at 45 minutes daily. Thank you for commenting and I hope I answered this well. I really have to be more faithul at that kitchen cleanup! I've fallen off the wagon on that again.
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