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Friday, December 1, 2006

December 2006

Dec. 19, 2006 - Dream Home

If I could choose what house I'd want it would have all "formal" rooms. Number one, so that you couldn't see the kitchen sink from the front door. If you live in your home, you will have dirty dishes and I don't care to share the mess with whoever knocks on the door. Also a formal dining room would be off to itself and so when company drops in during meal time they won't have to view our eating mess from the living area. If not a formal dining room at least have the table in the kitchen. My wish would also be to have four large bedrooms. The fourth would be used for a schoolroom or play room. If not a fourth bedroom, maybe a bonus room over a garage. Even with our large family we have a girls' room and a boys' room...I have no desire to change that. If your husband is the craftsman type, you might want to make sure you have a good garage or workshop as well. Also, I would like a family closet just like the Duggar family. What an awesome idea! I'd have it right in the same room with the washer and dryer with a lot of closet rods and chest of drawers and a table and chair to fold clothes at. I would actually like a dressing corner as well....clothes would only be changed in the bathroom or the family closet. I'd want a large pantry and a large kitchen to cook with the children and husband. I'd have 2 to 2 1/2 baths.As far as square footage.... 2000 sq. ft to 2200 sq. ft. would be fabulous! We have 1400 now. I wouldn't want any bigger even though we hope for a lot of grandchildren one day. When we host those big meals we will just spill over into the empty rooms that were once filled with our children. I always liked big covered porches and we sit on our's a lot. I love to sit quietly on the front porch swing and hear the children inside playing, or my children playing the piano. It's a peaceful spot. I would want a lot of land. With our children a lot would be no fun. We need acreage! At least 2 acres would be great! At least have enough for a garden if desired. We've had one every year since we've been married except for one.
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Dec. 6, 2006 - Answer to Question of No T.V.

I would pray for the Lord to lead your husband in this area. It also depends on your husband's personality as to whatever else you could or could not do or say. My husband has always been open to listening and considering what I have to say, whether he agrees or not. I know other wives whose husbands aren't up to listening so much....with that said the Maxwells have some good info on being t.v. free as well. www.titus2.comWe are t.v. free with the exception of a recorded video once every week or two. We don't watch public broadcasting here. Too many sinful things were coming through our livingroom. I wouldn't allow a bikini clad woman, or curse words being said, or violence or things that don't live up to our standards right in our livingroom. My husband wouldn't either. Even when the show is good we don't know what commercial is going to pop up during that show. I once said that I'd simply turn off the t.v. during commercials and that would solve that problem. That lasted probably all of a day! Besides I was convinced that I wasn't watching that much television.....only 2-3 hours per day and the same for the children. It's amazing what 2-3 hours can make! I can do those things heavy on my heart that I knew needed to be done but I "simply couldn't find the time to do" I was just "way too busy". This month makes five years since we had our satelite connection disconnected and we unplugged the t.v. Glory be all to God! In five years we have turned it on for two presidential addresses, maybe 4-5 severe weather reports and one other show that I can't even think of what it was. LOL Our children behave much better. We have more time together. We have more contentment as we work more to find things to be productive in. My children don't mind at all! I have to say when we pulled the plug that I had more trouble with withdrawals that they did. I LOVED my cook shows~!!!!!! I really love Paula Dean!!!!!!!!! I loved Trading Spaces and HGTV.... all good shows but I had to trade something good for something better....NO T.V. If my husband didn't want to unplug the t.v. then we would have kept it going. He's the man of our house. I would just limit the children and myself as much as possible and when you do see something ugly on there make sure to tell the children that "that's bad"....we don't say or do that. Funny story... once a man from a t.v. free magazine called my husband to do an interview about us being a t.v. free family. While James was on the phone I heard my then 3 year old yelling. I went outside and the rooster was on my son's back, attacking him! I was yelling for James to help as I was so scared and didn't know what to do. James said to the man on the phone, "hang on!". He came out and rescued our boy then went in and calmly explained that our son was being attacked by a rooster....the interviewer said, "oh, so NOW I know your lifestyle and what you do with no t.v.!" LOL My children LOVE to read. I am constantly having them to replace World Book encyclopedias on the shelves and other good books. I am convinced without a doubt that they would care less about books as much if they had the t.v. to watch. They devour books like I would chocolate! Worldiness is more sensitive to their eyes because their eyes aren't used to seeing it through the screen...for them and for me....with not seeing chefs and news reporters with low cut blouses anymore.
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Dec. 4, 2006 - So Far, So Good

We are busy-busy with school and chores today! Brittany has been working on an experiment for her Apologia science in the bathtub. I went over Bob Jones science with Dalton and Samuel about electricity and how it works. We've already done speech class for the day. Also, Dalton and Samuel are done with math. It takes Brittany longer to get school done since she's in the upper grades now. I am about to go help her with another experiment and might can get some pics posted on her blog soon on her work. Maybe even post some on here as well.

One thing that I have been thinking of is ditching "reading" curriculum after third grade. Here are my thoughts; my children really enjoy to read and read all the time...the ones who can read anyway. While I think a curriculum is good for comprehension exercises and vocab exercises, couldn't this be covered just in their everyday reading of books? I thought so, especially if I read and discuss some books with them. Now, if I ever have a child who isn't interested in reading then I'd consider a formal curriculum with them. Anyway, that's what I am mulling over now!
We will finish up the reading for the oldest two this year but beginning next year, may just ditch it and same our time and money!

As far as chores today we have Mt. Neverest to tackle as usual! That's an ongoing battle! Also, I need to do some paperwork with finances and hopefully start addressing Christmas cards. I hope to get these out by the end of the week anyway.

So to go help with that experiment and grab lunch! Have a great day in the Lord.

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