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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Feb. 07

Feb. 27, 2007 - Tuesday's Shebang

Yesterday our "baby boy" turned five! That age hits me pretty hard as that's the official start age for "school" around here. He is ready too. He enjoys anytime we are doing anythink with books and learning. What happens to the days? They all seem to melt into one big ball of wax that represents our lives. I do pray that that big ball of wax will be pleasing to our Master. All of the details that seem so small but are actually great details and mean so much. There's so many details to keep tabs on in our childrens's overwhelming.
Today was one of those days that had a bit of everything in it. There's so much to do but not enough time to devote to doing any of it thoroughly. This morning Joy-Anna had her six month well check. She had one immunization and did well with the side affects. She is right on track with her weight and almost off the charts with a growth spurt in length.
After the doctor's appointment it was time for Dalton's piano lesson. So we come home to prepare and have that. Once that was over it was time for lunch and so we had leftover hamburgers and hot dogs from Jesse's birthday meal. Then I had to make a run for sour cream to make our crockpot supper of creamy chicken and tortillas. This recipes can be found at the Duggar's family website and I have to say that it's very good! The children had fun playing outside before supper. After supper while I did the dishes the children wrestled with their dad. Once the kitchen was tidied we had history lesson, devotions and then worked on our world puzzle. I hope we get this put together in a timely manner as it's taking up our dining table!
We have been working on Brittany's high school course plans and making sure she has all her credits in order to get her diploma. She will officially begin her high school endeavors this summer. It is her desire to finish a year early. So that will mean a heavy study load. "We" can do this with the Lord's help!

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Feb. 22, 2007 - Sunshine...chores or play?

Boy, this weather is way too much! I am still needing to finish chores but I am half tempted to go outside and just sit! Then again, why am I on this computer? BYE!

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Feb. 20, 2007 - Trying this again???

I am going to try and post an entry on this blog in very great hopes that it will work. I have to say, I miss this blog site very much. I had started another blog but really don't have time to build a page. I really want to keep this blog here going. So hopefully I can post on here more often. I have to notify a few friends that I am back here....hopefully for good....depending on how easy I can post. Sometimes I type a post and it is lost. That's no fun!
Here are how things are going in the Watson household:
We are finally all well after three viruses and Mom being out with a bad back for 2-3 days. I really pray that "that's that" for a very, very long time.
School is going well. It's hard to live up to my expectations in this department but I am still hoping for us to be done near the beginning to middle of May. I am planning a writer's workshop for the last two weeks of school for the oldest two children. I am sort of looking forward to it! Next year I hope to intertwine the writing moreso in with the rest of the schooling throughout the year. I am hoping for us to get school done in all of 7-8 months next year with my "plan".
Brittany is really putting her sewing machine to use! In four days she's made a jumper for Bethany and three skirts. The jumper was her first and I am very happy seeing her working so industriously. I think she will work daily at it for 30minutes, as I hope to do as well with my time.
Today we had Dalton's piano teacher to stay and have lunch with us. She is a lot of fun to talk with and so it was a pleasure to have her as our guest today. I made chicken salad sandwiches and chips. We had strawberrie pound cake with strawberries and whipped topping. Dalton made a very wise observation today. He said, "aren't potato chips fried in oil?" I said, " that most are but that you can get them baked as well." He said, " I usually see FAT people eating potato chips. " You know, I think he's right. I guess it's okay to eat them every once in a while though.
I began my Supermom vitamins today. I will try to refrain from commenting on this product until later to give it a fair shot. James is trying the product as well....It's stated that this product is good for men as well as women.
Pray for Joy-Anna. She's having tummy troubles....constipation. I am afraid she likes bananas......I mashed her up one a few days ago instead of buying the overly expensive baby food.....I think it bound her up. So I am backtracking and trying to keep her on my milk right now. Once she's regular again we will begin her baby food diet over. Pray she get's well soon!
Okay, that's about all in our house that comes to mind. Joy -Anna is calling me so I better go. Have a blessed evening and I hope to be back soon in "homeschool country"!

Feb. 5, 2007 - New Blog Address

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