Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Friday!

Well, here we are on the last day of October. Time surely flies! We did our grocery shopping trip for the month of November today. I do have a few more things to pick up and to later replenish our milk and produce supply. I am hoping to do well with our budget this month!

It turns out that we will be having Thanksgiving at our home for the first time in I think....ever. I am excited to be cooking our own family meal. But yet, I will miss being with extended family. Many circumstances have arranged our lives to where we cannot meet up with family this year. At least everyone is healthy and we can be thankful for that--together or not! So, anyway I am going to be planning all of the good food that I hope to fix.

Something happened yesterday to broaden many opportunities for us. A lady came to our door yesterday. She is a buddhist lady. She had knocked on our door a few years ago, asking directions to a business. I obliged and she was on her way. So, here she was again but this time she wanted to see if James would help her with something at her house. James took Brittany with him to go and be of service. At first I was VERY uneasy with this sticky situation.....actually I was quite upset with James going AND taking our teenage daughter to this lady's house. He said that it's opportunity for witnessing. Anyway, she needed trim installed and so James and Brittany worked a while last night and went back to finish tonight. Pray for this lady. Her name is Anh and she is lost. She wears the buddhist attire, complete with the shaved head. She has buddhist statues in and out of her home.....worshiping and praying to rocks. I am thankful that James has more compassion than I do as I have desire to shun such things....I like to flee and walk the other way. I am thankful James is open to showing Christ's love to the lost when I often just want to love the ones who are easy to love. Anyway, my husband and daughter did make it back safely and we have opportunity to pray for this lady. She is very nice but really needs Jesus--Jesus---Jesus! NOT Buddha! Her master comes back into town from Japan on Monday. We are trying to decipher if this means her husband or her master as in leader or owner or who knows??? Boy, our neighborhood is spilling over with opportunities to witness and show Jesus love and what He has offered us...and how He works in us.

Despite many times when I was a bit on the snacky side I am please to say that I am down 3# to 166! I need to be a bit more willful in not giving in too much to temptation. I am trying to make good choices and not overeat. Although I haven't been keeping up with my diary as I should. I have also been drinking sweet tea too much too. I do have times where I'll drop a few pounds and then hold steady for a few weeks. While I am glad to lose this weight, I don't expect it to happen each week...while I'd love to!

Have a great weekend in the Lord!


JenIG said...

wow, i am sure that your neighbor really would provide a lot of interesting and thoughtful conversations for your family. Praying now that God will use you in her life.
: )

Ellen said...

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to say that I like the picture of your kids very much! They all look beautiful (ehh don't tell the boys :)).

blessings, Ellen