Thursday, October 23, 2008

Success and Encouragement...

Today seems to be a great day so far! Thank you, Jesus! I always, always, always hate it when I sleep later than 7:30-8:00. And lately there seems to have been more of that than I care to share. With all my being, I just don't think it's meant to happen and be a descent housewife. That is, if your husband has traditional work hours. Even if not and sleeping late is required I have found that not as much is accomplished. With that rabbit chased, I was going to share that today I did, indeed, get up at a more presentable time, get dressed, bed made, etc. and all before hubby left for work. That felt so good. James has been wanting me to sleep later because of lack of sleep. But truly, while it's challenging to arise sometimes, once up things run a lot smoother. Besides there's always time for a little nap!

I got an encouraging call this morning from my mom. She called to share that Dad is on his way to Delaware. After many months of no work, he's got a job, at least for a week. Construction has been slow during these hard economic times and that's all my dad has ever done. But, the Lord answered prayers and he's on his way at this moment to work in Delaware. Thank you, Lord. I say that in all honesty. I really am thanking Him with all my heart. With the economy in a rut, it makes certain situations scary. Very few jobs are secure and so it does make one lean on the Lord even more. But, it can make you want to praise Him more when you see good things happen!

We have gotten a good bit of school in for the day. I am giddy right now with Samuel's reading progress! He's reading in a fifth grade reader now. He's in the fourth grade. Yes, he's a grade ahead when all this time before he was a struggling reader. I am SO thankful for the progress he's made. He's come a very, very long way. Now...we're still working on the math but it will come along soon too.

While I thought that I could get away with teaching our four and six year olds phonics together, I have found that it may be easier to teach them separately. Our six year old is ready to move a bit faster than his younger sister. So, there' s no need in slowing him up. That's the beauty of homeschooling!

I was able to get a lot of housework done this morning. I've gotten vacuuming and mopping done along with dusting. Oh, how dust gives me an allergic fit! One day I'll learn to take something before I get started dusting so I won't feel icky afterwards. I need to dust a few ceiling fans but may put that off till Saturday. I've gotten three loads of wash done as well... with a four loads to put away. I think I'll work on organizing some more books today as well.

I cooked pancakes and bacon for breakfast. For lunch we had peanut butter and jelly sandwich on home baked whole wheat(actually half wheat and half white) bread. Mr. Jesse informs me that he likes the store bought bread better than "my sliced bread". Oh, well. You win some and lose some! Ha! Tonight I am fixing baked potato with cheese and chili to top.

One last thing on my list for the rest of the day is to get our cabbage planted. James bought ours yesterday and so I need to get them in the ground. He bought 16 plants. The rest of the garden looks very good. We have turnips, collards, and kale growing. Also, we have some beets and broccoli. I am not looking forward to the beets. I've never cooked them before but do know that they make a big mess. I plan on talking with a friend on how she fixes hers. On any account, I am so happy to have a garden! Also, our pecan tree is loaded with yummy pecans. So we'll be picking those up soon too.

Okay, so I'm off to have quiet time and get that cabbage planted. Also, it won't be long till little Gloria is ready to eat again. She's an eating machine and growing by leaps and bounds!

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Ellen said...

Hi Susan,

My kids also like store-bought bread better than my home made bread. One day they'll thank us for our efforts.

We like beets a lot, yes, they are a bit messy, but so worth it.

I enjoy your blog very much!

blessings, Ellen