Monday, December 15, 2008

Wow, What a Weekend!

Well, here we are on Monday. I need to be waking some children but I am being bad and sitting in my gown, drinking coffee and here typing this. It's almost 8:30am. I have cooked breakfast, fed James, sent him off to work and the only one up thus far is Dalton. Baby Gloria has been fed and is snuggled in my bed now. She looks so peaceful there.

This past weekend proved to be very full and busy with a lot of fun events. Friday night after having our weekly pizza supper we went to see Christmas lights. It was nice driving, driving, driving and looking, looking and looking. We really could have hit two spots though and been happy. The other homes were absolute duds. But we had a great time, nonetheless. I think we got home at 10:45 and it wasn't long before we all fell to a deep slumber.

Saturday was no less busy. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning. In the afternoon and evening we were at the church while the children had play practice and the men helped to set up the scenery. I just helped to get the children dressed, keep the baby and enjoy being with ones I love. Saturday proved to be a grilling day as well...yes, that's what James did....he did a lot of grilling! We had steaks for lunch and hamburgers for supper. Once we were home from church I went to bed at 9:00. James had the children up watching It's a Wonderful Life and I don't know when they went down. I haven't ever seen this movie and will have to watch it soon. They said that it was good.

Sunday morning we had Sunday School and morning worship service. Then we were off to home. After fixing a quick dinner the children watched another movie. seems they watched a lot this weekend... Ah well, we'll catch up on those hours this week for sure. Anyway, so what did I do but clean? Besides that I fixed some food for our social after the play last night. We headed back to church early to dress for the play. What happened to the day? It was gone in a flash.

The play was wonderful! Of course, I watched it from the nursery and couldn't see it like I wanted. Oh well, from what I saw it was wonderful. Ha! I hope that it made good memories for the children.

This week we are going to be extra heavy in the bookwork for school. That way I can peacefully declare we are having a good Christmas break without deep guilty feelings of not having a lot done. We can play, have free time, enjoy our new present(s) and well.....Mama can clean.

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