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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hump Day

Happy Hump Day! Good grief, these days are so full! We are working diligently in our studies. We are seeing much fruit in our labors as well. It's so good to see those "aha! moments" in the children's eyes. I seem to have quite a bit of them too. It's really neat to learn along with the children.

Gloria is growing like crazy and is such a delight. She honestly hardly ever cries anymore. She is such a very easy and good baby. Whenever she wants to be held she just patiently sits and waits. She'll look and play with her hands, sucking on them. Then she'll look at you like she's in hopes you want to hold her but just sits and waits. It's soooo sweet. I try not to take advantage of her good heartedness and eat her up while I can. :)

Currently I am working on next month's menu and a shopping list. Wow, what a job! Shopping for so much takes much time and planning. I am hoping to have the list tweaked right by Friday. I'll try and post our menu for February very soon. I asked the family last night what they'd like to eat and I got much input. That's always nice and is very helpful to know. It's also educational as well. Here's an example;

Susan: James, do you have any suggestions vegetables to have with these meals?

James: Yeah, how about some blackeye peas?

Susan: That sounds good but I was thinking of non starchy vegetables.

James: Okay, how about corn?

Susan: It's starchy so doesn't count. How about a GREEN vegetable.

James: Really??? Okay,ummmm, butter beans then.

Susan: No,no,no. Honey, butter beans are starchy too!

James: Are you serious?

All I have to say is THANK GOD I am the one who handles the nutritional needs for our family! Now if I can just get it accomplished for February and under budget!

Continue to pray for James' job situation. He is still searching. It's very disheartening as jobs are scarce. He doesn't have to make a killing to supply our needs but even still just to find a job that fits him is key. We are thinking that any day James could be told that it's his last day. One particular job that James applied for I have high hopes on. The Lord DOES have a plan. It's just not so easy to wait on that plan and know what to do in the meantime. You prayer warriors please keep praying. He does provide above all that we ask or think....He does take care of His own..... Just pray that we do what we should and when.

In addition to our February menu I want to share our new math curriculum with you soon.....well, it's kinda new to us although we used it many years ago. More later!

Have a great rest of the week!

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

Praying for the job situation...
What job fields is James interested in?
Please keep me posted.