Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

(Ms. Joy-Anna after sneaking in the flour bin. This is from a little over a year ago)

We are busy at work with our usual chores and school. Breakfast and lunch has been served and so we are now in what some would refer to as "recess". So in this little bit of time I decided to come on here and share some of our day.

Today is bedroom day and, boy howdy, mine needs it! If nothing else gets done today, it will be this room. I cannot think and get in a foul mood with such icky mess. So after my break and Gloria's naptime(shhhh, she's sleeping!) I will tackle this job.

A dear friend of mine gave us a broomvac. I had one just like it years ago and used it until the canister cracked and the handle broke. Now we have one once again and I am loving it. Thank you, sister!

While in the cabin rental while in Tennessee(yes, that's where we went!) we enjoyed a new scent of air freshner. The funny thing is that after sniffing many scents of Glade I found the one that it was. And as it turns out it's something that I didn't think I'd like at all, since I am not a vanilla kind of gal. But this is a vanilla/lavender blend and it smells so good. So I got two of the oil warmers in that scent and love it!

We are gearing up for a huge garden this year. I am going to start counting my canning jars in hopes of a bumper crop. I hope to have an overflowing pantry this year. So, those two months off from school this summer won't go to waste. There's always plenty of fun work to do!

Speaking of being in anticipation of a big harvest....Do you count your jars when you go witnessing, so to speak? When you tell others of Jesus do you expect a bumper crop? There's so much work to do and so few workers in the fields. Let's boil those jars in prep of a good harvest, shall we?

We have ordered 20 chicks to be in the beginning of May. This is another way that our time will be filled with great fun! I am excited for all of the eggs we should start getting around October. So, for our old egg customers, we'll have fresh eggs for sale again next year, if things go as planned. Currently we have just two "old" hens left and Big Red. Big Red is our mean old rooster. He's been with us for about 5-6 years.

Okay, it's time to talk about shopping but I'll put that in a whole other post!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!


Wykate said...

After coming up short on free-cycle and the radio, I have decided to buy canning jars - a case a month for the next eight months.

I loved your canning jar/lost souls analogy.

And I love the new look of your blog! Take care, from wykate

Family said...

Hello Susan,

Glad to hear you and your family were able to "get away" on a family trip! I love "Family Times!!!"
Sounds like you have many exciting things going on. We had a garden for the first time last year. Our children really enjoyed picking the fruits and veggies! We look forward to working in our garden this year, too. Hope you all will be able to "Stock up your Pantry" with canned goods this year....I hope to learn how to can one day. For now, we grow, eat some, and give the overflow to neighbors! HAPPY GARDENING! I really liked your canning jars/reaching the lost comparison. May that always be fresh on our minds. Have a GREAT rest of the week.

Cryssie said...

Hey Susan good luck with the garden this year.. I know how disappointed you were with no being able to put one in last year.. We are going to be doing the same so I'm getting all my bottles emptied and counting as well.. Lets hope for a good crop and lots of goodies in the pantry..

I'm glad you had a great time on your trip..