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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessings, Birthdays and VBS

Our busy-ness has been bumped up a high notch this week! The green beans have decided to take off on us, of which I AM thankful. Still yet, this is very tiring. My goal was to can 100 quarts this season. I am happy to say that I have 51 quarts and one pint canned and one other quart frozen. We are over halfway there. And still yet, if we go over 100 quarts, we will happily consume them. What a huge blessing~! Brittany said that this is to help us make up for last year. All of those times last year that I was sick to my stomache with having to buy those rotten tomatoes, nasty store beans or mushy squash. I cringed each time I had to use James' hard earned money on vegetables that I wished I could have grown. But with so much happening and a cast on my right arm, gardening was impossible. Thank you, Lord, for your blessings to us this year! I am predicting we'll have at least 14 more quarts to pick and can tomorrow or Saturday. Whew~!

Oh and on top of that, this week is a big birthday week for us. Samuel turned a double digit number yesterday. My sweet boy is 10 now! So we enjoyed his special day together and thanked the Lord for 10 years with him. After evening services we came home and enjoyed cake and ice cream together.

Brittany is turning 15 on Saturday. She is a young woman now. My 8 lb. 4oz. baby, squeeky voiced two year old, early reading four year old, well behaved child insists to become grown. I am disgusted she'd want to do this to me. I love her anyway! So, Saturday she decides she wants chinese food and cheesecake for her birthday dessert.Yum. So, I still pray for the Lord to keep His protective hand on her all the days of her life. I pray for her to have happiness and showers of blessings throughout her life or until the Lord comes.

Next week we have VBS and boy, I am NOT ready! Ha! I have really got to study and get my stuff together. I am nervous but things will be okay. I just hope that my students will have fun and be able to learn. I hope that they will like me as a teacher. I hate being nervous!

Okay, I need to go and quiet down a baby, put away a few meals of squash and James wants something too...need to mop but I don't think I will have enough energy. Have a wonderful evening!


Denise said...

WOW!! I am super exhausted from moving and being pregnant--so I don't think I could keep up-- but I am very impressed and a bit green with envy over your GREEN BEANS!! WOW!! That is terrific!!! WOW!!!!

Blessedmom said...

Your days are so full already and next week adding VBS to the mix. Wow! We just had VBS last week, and were so blessed by it and yet so thankful that it was only a week long. Your green beans, another wow, this is our first "big" garden this year, I was also pregnant last year through the summer, and I only did 2 square feet of green beans. I am praying it will be enough for at least a few good meals worth, and next year we will do more. Our children grow so quickly, it still amazes me. I feel like I should still be holding my 8 year old son in my arms, and here is thinking is nearly grown. Happy Birthdy to your precious children!


Wykate said...

Happy Birthday Brittany and Samuel! What a beautiful daughter - inside and out.