Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 2 and Ready!

Well, all I can say is fiber is a very good thing. LOL No really yesterday I had a very good day. Night before last I made these yummy Weight Watchers cookies called Haystacks. Despite the contents of Fiber One cereal they are quite yummy. And they filled me up quite a bit! As a matter of fact, I am STILL full this morning. So I am waiting for me to actually be hungry before eating this morning.

Here's yesterday's food consumption:

Breakfast: 2 Quaker chewie bars 180 calories
1 cup fat free milk 90 calories

Lunch: turkey sandwich with
mustard, pickles,lettuce
tomato and two slices turkey 160 calories

6 Lay's Stax chips 75 calories

Snack: Haystack cookies...I didn't count how many so I am overestimating that I ate 500 calorie's worth. I sort of lost my head and thought that I had really blown it. But once adding today's total I was still pleased. AND these things are full of fiber of which made me feel full later.

Supper: 2 Tostadas with refried
beans, taco meat, sour
cream, salsa, crumble cheese
lettuce 465 calories

Total calories: 1470

I drank water, coffee and a Diet Coke all of which is calorie free. I could have cut the calories if I hadn't had so many of those yummy cookies. But I think the fiber in the cookies helped me not be as hungry at supper. So maybe for me, having a high fiber treat in the afternoon will be key.

On to today! I am ready!

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