Thursday, June 25, 2009

Still With It!

Amazingly so far I have stuck with the plan. Plan is the key work. What to eat has to be planned and sometimes replanned. And then it's always good to have a backup. Right now I miss my haystack cookies that made me so full. I need more chocolate chips. Anyway here is what I ate yesterday. My big goof was that I ate after church last night and it was after 10:00pm. On the other hand I had quite a lot of calories that I could afford to eat. Here's yesterday's meal list:

1 Quaker chewie bar and 3/4 cup milk 157

1 turkey sandwich stack with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mustard 165
6 baked chips 75
1 haystack cookie 50

chicken bog 400
green beans 200
squash 200

Total : 1247

I did not get overly hungry yesterday. I did get hungry but it wasn't like I obsessed over it and it was a comfortable growl.

Tonight we are having beans and cornbread. I am sorta concerned about the calorie content in cornbread but, you know, you can't eat beans without cornbread. So I will try and be as good as I can. LOL I just need to be mindful of upcoming things that could mess me up. Then I can save up for those meals/events. For instance, tomorrow night we are having fried fish. So I need to make sure and plan my day where I can eat some. Oh and then there's the church social on Sunday night. I need to save A LOT of calories for that. LOL

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Wykate said...

Good job Susan! You are an inspiration!