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Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! Right now things sure are quiet in the Watson household. Still there's the promise of it being a busy and rowdy day, as always. From the looks of this classroom here, we will have plenty of chores too! Here's a breakdown on the week to come, Lord willing.

~school: This we are neck deep in! I have so many balls juggling that it's quite exciting. Brittany is intensely(but not intently) studying physical science and algebra. While not working in those two, she's working on papers for world history. That covers her writing as well. And now I am about to have her jump into speech lessons. She can also couple that with her history.

Dalton and Samuel are into their usual math, grammar, penmanship, writing, science, history and geography. We are enjoying learning about God's creation and how scripture has much to teach us in the world of science.

Jesse and Bethany make fabulous learning buddies! They both are plugging away at their phonics and math. I read to them some neat science books and lessons as well. These initial years are so pleasant and simple!

Joy-Anna is a "wanna-be" right now. She's quite ready to get her feet wet in the world of schooling. So we have fun with her in working on her colors, counting, sorting, coloring, shapes, etc. She's such a cutie pie when she asks if she can do her school, or if we will read to her. Who can resist, no matter how busy one is? ;D

Menus/grocery lists: This is ever constant as well. I have been working up a list for when I do the first shopping trip for the month of October. Hopefully that first trip will be this Thursday or Friday. I am most excited to have a challenging budget this month. So, I'll have that adrelin rush, to find some good deals and see how God will fulfill our needs! I will try to share our menus and deals along the way.

Housekeeping: As always, this is quite a challenge with being into teaching full time, on top of wee ones to tend to. But, we somehow stay above water! Each Saturday we have our weekly houseblessing and this keep things under a certain degree of orderliness. I have also came up with our newest chore daily lists.

Mama: quick clean bathrooms, laundry, meal prep, master bedroom, diningroom floor, fish tank, and any other "fires" that get started.

Brittany: big dishes(pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc.),kitchen floor, birdcage

Dalton: load dishwasher, bedroom(all paper, sweep floor), livingroom

Samuel: chickens, trash, take out food scraps, bedroom(clean sheets,make bed)

Jesse: unload DW, playroom, bedroom(shoes)

Bethany: diningroom table and chairs

Joy-Anna: assist where directed

On Saturdays for our "weekly house blessing" we do whatever I have put on a list that needs doing that week. I make a running list of what all needs attention on that Saturday. Then I split up the chores among each of us. Our reward is having a semi-clean house for the rest of the weekend! :D I say, "semi-clean" because we never get done what's on the list but we all work very hard and look forward to the next cleaning session.

It's that time of year again to pull out the fall/winter clothes. So that's to be done within the next few days. eeegggaaaa... one of my least favorite things to do~!

Okay, it's well time to get rolling with today's activities. :D Have a wonderful day in the Lord!


Dana said...


Haven't seen you blog in a while, hope everything is ok!!

Take care!!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!