Friday, November 27, 2009

Okay, What Can I Say

Between our computer being broke and being on Facebook, I have jumped ship with blogging again. So why am I here? I was outright in the mood! Hopefully I can stay in the mood as I like blogging. Writing my thoughts and actions out has always been a characteristic of mine. Since James bought a "new to us" computer maybe I can resume in the blogworld.

We have been neck deep in our schooling. I am feeling a calm and pattern to our schooling much so that we are hitting almost every subject, every day! It does take focus, especially with teaching five in four grade levels. And then to throw in a preschooler whose ready to dive headfirst into learning- yet is still a typical three year old and into everything. Then there's our one year old who is the three year old's partner in crime! At their ages its fun to see natural learning, just as God designed children to learn at their age. Amazing!

We've had some unfortunate incidents in our family, healthwise, this year. Did I tell you about Jesse(7) fracturing his arm? So he wore a cast for a few weeks. This was the second time visiting the dear orthopaedic office. We had hopes of it being the last butttttt....nope! James injured his knee and messed up a ligament of which will need surgery in the future. The good news he's doing better now. And then there's Brittany whose being treated for TMJ disorder. She's on perscription strength Motrin for six weeks in hopes that this will solve the problem. So far- so good! Then sometime in the future, possibly this coming summer, she's going to have her wisdom teeth removed. And so, I am hoping with all that's going around, that this is all for us!

I'm expecting homekeeping to get easier as the littles get older. So I improvise a whole lot right now as we work, day to day, to keep school, laundry, meals, chores and whatall else going! Breaking my goals up into days helps, along with having daily chores...and motivation! I need a lot of wind in my sail to keep going. Mostly have peace in my heart and taking pleasure in simple things helps along the way. Here's my daily "hit list":

MONDAY Livingroom, mop any hardwoods or laminate that's needed, windex house

TUESDAY Prepare clothes for Wednesday and Sunday's church, mop all tile and linoleum floors

WEDNESDAY Bedrooms, Master bath

THURSDAY clean out fridge, make grocery lists and menus, pay bills, grocery shop

FRIDAY clean main and back bathrooms, tidy schoolroom

Saturday yard, garden, van

Daily: Keep up dishes, trash, laundry and general pickup

Usually "we" load the dishwasher twice a day and have two sinks full of other cookware, etc. to wash. Dalton, our twelve year old, is currently our DW loader and I wash the big dishes. Brittany is my substitute. We wash 3-5 loads of laundry, daily, with doing only one load on Sundays. Our washer seems very small although it's stated as being a large capacity front loader.

One tip that I am finding beneficial is taking around a trash bag a few times a day and doing a trash pickup. I'm always amazed at how paper and other misc. trash piles up! My other tip is to delegate, delegate, delegate and to remind everyone to put things back when they're done....and not putting it away for them.

I trust that you all have a great weekend in the LORD!


Denise said...

Glad to "see" you back!!

Sounds like life is busy yet good....

Hope you return to blogging more..I too took a break from blogging while on Facebook (it was too much to do both for me)....

Well I must run-- it was good to hear from you!! said...

So glad to see you blogging!! I am not on facebook and did not know you are so I had no idea why you were absent, I am so glad to hear you all are alright!!

I've been thinking about you all and hoping things were ok!!

Glad to see you back!!