Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taco Tuesday.... Sort Of...

I've come up with calling Tuesdays our taco day, but really we don't eat just tacos every Tuesday but mainly just anything mexican. Thus the name "Taco Tuesday". So we are having leftover chicken and tortillas from Sunday. You see, Sunday is crockpot day, of which chicken and tortillas is a crockpot meal. :)

We are having a pretty good week with school so far. With that said, it's only Tuesday! Hopefully the rest of the week will be just as good as the start. It's such a blessing to see your children learn. I am so excited to know what the Lord has in store for our children. I wonder what they are going to do with their lives when they are older!

I've only dropped 1 pound this week. With that said, I think that next week will be better. Right now I feel very good. I jogged 4 whole miles today! YAY ME! I cannot believe it. I think that I could have went further but I could feel my whole body heating up and I didn't want to pass out. It was an interesting feeling. I really concentrated on my breathing and stabilized a good pattern. Then when my legs got tired, I pushed through and got over that. In the end, I was breathing okay and my legs weren't tired but I was just really HOT! My face was a fireball! :) But it's a new standard to pass by now.

With only losing 1# at weigh in on Monday, it gave me more zeal to work harder. So today my goal is 1200 calories. And with the 460 calories burned from jogging, well that had BETTER give me better benefits!

Have a great evening in the LORD!

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