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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Update

We have been sick! I think this would be classified as the flu. The good news is that we're on the tale end of it. Praise God! We have a lot of school to catch up on and we need to pick-back a whole lot so that we won't have to extend our school year into the glorious summer months. I am going to need some time to focus and analize just how to do this.

As for weigh in on Monday, I was down 1#, which made up for the .9 gained the week before. And while today isn't weigh in day I just have to and I do mean JUST HAVE TO tell you this. I weighed in at a new low this morning! The scales indicated that I lost another 1.7 from Monday. Go figure....I've been too sick to be on the treadmill and I've been feeding the cold. I haven't really overate, but I haven't counted calories or logged my menus in either. Maybe I just needed a week's break? Does this help? Anyhow I am still trying to stay below 1500 calories but 1200 is better. And if I go over then I hope to round things out by being extra good the following days.
I'm still eating normal food but maybe with better choices and less of it.

Hopefully I can post our menu for at least half of February here soon...if not all of February. I still get a rush in keeping a low budget and finding tasty meal to prepare. We are going to be having a few "new to us" meals this month. I sure hope they're good.

I have gotten rid of some books! Yay! Well, actually they are in a storage box heading for my van. In which then I will take to some friends and see if they want any of them. Then they are going to Good Will. I am hoping to declutter our home this year. Yes, declutter my body...declutter our home... I like this!

Have a great rest of the week in the Lord's goodness. Have faith in God~ turn to Him and away from anything that could be "cluttering" your life from serving and loving Him!


Brittany said...

Hey Mom!

You've been tagged!! If you don't want to do the tag, then let me know! ;)

Lori said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yeah, it IS great to find another sensible blogger just looking for the ordinary sensible way of dieting. We both are on a weight loss journey, homeschool and were both recently sick too...we have so much in common! lol I hope you share some of the "new to you" meals, I am always looking for new menus too, especially ones that can be prepared on a budget. I will be a regular follower indeed. Thanks for commenting to let me know you were out here!