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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can I Take a Nap Now?

I'm tired. Seriously. Still, I'm glad that this is over for another two weeks! Ha!
I have most of the shopping done for the month of September except for maybe a few items. Okay so our trip went like this;
Our bank---->our favorite thrift store---->our mortgage bank--->Aldi--->Sam's Club--->Bi-lo---->Aldi again--->gas station--->Family Dollar--->home sweet home.
I cannot tell you how happy I was to get home! The children were too. All in all it was a good trip though. So I won't complain....much. So what did I get? Here's the rarely typed but will do it this time list of what I purchased.
(4) 2 liter colas
5# sugar
bread crumbs
(2)cans sweetened condensed milk
tomato paste
cherry pie filling
ground black pepper
2 packs sliced cheese
sliced pepperoni
4 packs flour tortillas
chocolate chips
string cheese
3 cans diced tomatoes
3 cans tomato paste
2 boxes seasoned rice
2 packs toilet paper
dill pickles
brown sugar
snack crackers(Ritz type)
canola oil
peanut butter
floss picks
hot dog buns
sugar free gum
cinnamon graham crackers

Sam's Club

25# bread flour
5# mozzerella cheese
5# cheddar cheese


Airheads candy
microwave popcorn
ginger snaps
cream cheese
orange juice
ground beef
chuck roast
sandwich meat
sliced bacon
breakfast sausage
smoked sausage

Aldi (again, because milk turned out to be cheaper here this time and it was on the way home)
2 loaves of bread (for a quick,easy lunch once home)


Family Dollar
scented candles
plug in air freshener refills
birthday card
adjustable Renuzits
2 mops


Total from today: $216.76
Total for month : $433.00 (rounded up to nearest dollar)

This will be almost enough to feed our family three meals a day, diaper the youngest at night and nap(she's being potty trained), put Goodnight type protection on the bedwetters, have enough cleaners, paper products and splurges such as air fresheners. :) I did not use any coupons except from some that were in one of those coupon distributers for some Goodnights that were also on clearance. So I was able to stock up on those for a little under $4 a pack. :) I also splurged on some soda but, hey, for .59 each, we can afford some soda here and there. I even bought two mops too! Why two? So we can get the job done twice as fast with two people mopping at once. :)

My next post I will try and type out our menu for the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Susan rofl you can do mine noe I dont want to rofl

Winona said...

Good job Susan. Our grocery bill is usually half what your monthly is, and there are only 2 of us. LOL Winona