Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shopping Day!

So here we are at another shopping day. Can I tell you that I dread it? I really, really, really do! It makes for a tiring day and even though I just woke up two hours ago...I am already really tired. We are still budgetting pretty well for our large family! This month's goal is to stick to under $425. I can already tell you that it will be more like $450 instead. That is for all food, cleaners and paper products.
No, I don't do coupons. I used to like coupon clipping but I really don't have the time now. Really.

I still stick to the pantry method and stick to my lists and menus. It works well for me. Hopefully I can share my shopping lists and menus later today once I am done. If I find better deals while out than what I have listed, then I have to switch things around. So it might be senseless to give you the tentative list.

Just pray for me as shopping with seven children in 3-4 stores is no simple feat! It takes the physical endurance of an athlete and the mental endurance of a brain surgeon. And so we begin...

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MamaAnt said...

Have fun~!
We will see you when you get back! LOL!
I don't do coupons either. I don't have the time to either, so I just will use diaper and baby coupons that come out of the machine at the store or what the companies mail me. Sometimes I will go on ebay and "buy" coupons (for postage) for baby products as well but hardly ever though...because I can't remember to do it.