Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy Bees

We are busy bees once again this week. Only this week we are home most of the time. Last week we had revival service each evening. I do miss the services! It is challenging to get us all fed and to church on time but it's so well worth the extra labor.

This week we have no revival services but of course there's always Sunday and Wednesday night! We are keeping our days filled with studies. I am challenging the children and myself to push past the mark and excel in what we accomplish and learn. Brittany only has a year and a half left. I want her to get in what she can as she can. I also pray that she will have a love for learning even after she finishes high school. I hope that each of them have that natural curiosity to learn.

I began a little of the Prairie Primer with the 6,8,and 11 year olds. Even our 4 year old listens in on the exciting stories. They have enjoyed it so far. We are in On the Banks of Plum creek right now. I am glad to have added this to our agenda as it seems fruitful.

Our 11 year old began reading Moby Dick (simplified version) yesterday. He encouraged my heart last night when he said that he can't wait to read what happens next. :) I look forward to reading with him today.

Our 13 year old is going to try the Scarlett Letter or either The Witch of Blackbird Pond next. I am thinking of the latter as I know this one is good. I need to preview the first and see how it goes.

The air has turned more crisp here the past week. The cooler air is alright for a change but I do dearly miss summer already. I guess we housewives and busy moms don't get outside as much as we should. Being inside so much, the summer seemed short. I just hope and pray that we don't have another brutal winter as it was last year. We need to find some green wood for our woodstove. We like burning oak so it's not as abundant as others are. I am ready for a good little fire though. :)

In a bit our 4 year old has to go get a filling replaced in her front tooth. This is one of the fillings that the insurance company has declined to pay for yet. Maybe they have sent payment and I won't have to worry about it. I'm also hoping that we don't have to pay to have it re-filled since the filling isn't too old. Anyway, so we all need to get ready for that. I need to get the children up, especially the oldest so she can watch the youngest while I take a shower. How did I do it without older children? Ha! I may swing by the thrift store and see if they have a particular pair of shoes that I need. That way I won't have to borrow my daughter's. I guess it's good we can wear the same size, ay? I may dodge by the library too.

Have a wonderful day today in God's grace!

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