Monday, February 7, 2011

Confessions of a Pantry Stocker

I have a few confessions to make. Number one being that I haven't been following the menu. Truth be told, I like to write out ideas of what to cook but cannot go by a menu too well. Well, you see, it all started by a friend of mine mentioning that she had lasagna the night before. So, I had lasagna dancing in my head all day and afterall I did have some ground beef that needed to be used up. Also, that afternoon when James and I went to the grocery store, there was that cottage cheese on sale(or so it appeared). So, I thought of how we could have a special meal of lasagna, because afterall we did have some leftover pizza sauce from the night before. And so we did. Oh, it was all within budget.

Budget....that brings me to my next confession. If I t'were gonna count our little excursion yesterday in between church services then I'd be waaaayyyyy over budget. Well, ya' see, it goes like this. I have been having big ideas about building a pantry and well, it was sort of time to renew the Sam's membership. Afterall, we were pertinear close to being all out of yeast in the house. And everyone knows that yeast is cheapest at Sam's....along with their shredded cheese...and along with their pintos beans sold in 50 lb. bags...and well...I guess I need to back up a bit. We got our taxes figured out and so I sort of had the fantastic idea of using a small bit of it to stock the pantry. Besides, my hubby was all for it and while he was in the mood, I sort of went for the kill--so to speak.

Do you remember my fabulous notebook that I write our budgetting in? Well, I had plan A of stocking the pantry all laid out--doing it in one great big $1200 shot. Then I had plan B of which was just a normal grocery budget with just a little set aside to stock the pantry all in about nine months. I knew I couldn't blow $1200 in one shot. It would be fun though. So I "only" spent $300 to begin our pantry stock. It does feel good though. I am under this thought though, I cannot use any of the stuff from Sam's club this month unless I put it under my regular monthly budget. That goes for the cheese sauce and chips we dug into for supper last night and the nasty popcorn oil as well.

Now, I have plan C, of which is a combination of plan A and plan B.

So, there you have it. I am still going by my usual monthly budget but with two changes, I am not using the same menu and I did a $300 stockup of which I cannot touch until March, unless I take whatever items we use out of our regular budget.

The End.

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Margery said...

We are also pantry stockers here, but I have to wait till the snow melts to really get the pantry stocked agian. We can't drive to the house in the winter, and have to carry everything down the hill. Can't wait till I can restock.