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Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Stock the Pantry?

Many may wonder why I'd want to stock the pantry. Having food in the cupboards does make me feel more secure. I don't know how everyone else is doing but personally, we have felt heartache of close loved ones a lot lately. For some it's job loss or even tragic loss in so many ways, of all has had consequences of financial doom.

It really has hit my heart so hard. I have thought of how I'd feel if it were us. What would we do? I'd at least like to know that we have food to feed us. I do like knowing that we have food that we can share with those hurting too. God would want nothing less.

Also, I know that having a stocked pantry can help you save money, when done in a very basic fashion. When I mean basic fashion, I mean as in not buying a bunch of prepackaged products but in buying the very basics. You know....just buying scratch items such as flour, sugar, yeast, beans, rice....etc.

The idea of topping off the pantry instead of just putting enough in to last to next pay day means a whole lot to me. It's not fun having the 'fridge and shelves empty and then scrounging for what to cook until you go grocery shopping. I'd like to begin going to the store just to fill back up what we have. Instead of feast to famine, things would be more evenly keeled.

What else does this mean to me? Well, it means that I can open most any cookbook and chose a recipe. Within reason, I'll have the ingredients and can make it without having to wait and write the ingredients on the list. You see, I will have already bought the ingredients at rock bottom prices and won't feel tempted to just buy the ingredients at "okay" prices.

Having a full pantry means having people over whenever and just throw something together on a whim to serve them. It'll be doable because the goods are mostly always there. I won't be a slave to what's on hand to make it until the next shopping trip.

To top it all off. I have witnessed that it can all be done without the bondage of coupons. For those who like coupons, that's great! For me, I've been there and back and would prefer to stock the pantry without breaking the bank and have my extra time for teaching the children or doing the gazillion other things that pile up on me. The rush of couponing often was often faded by a scenario going bad. It's not fun for me to play games with the money my husband worked hard for. Especially if we get bit and we lose the game. No thanks.

So, there's my reasons for stocking the pantry!

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Cheryl said...

Very well said. I also do that. I do plan my menu for the month and buy ahead.

Have a great day.


Dana said...

Loving all these posts Susan, very inspirational and so helpful!! Keep them coming,Please!!
Take Care!!

busymomof10 said...

Great post! Thanks for linking up with us at All in a Day! :)

I like to stock my pantry too! I will stock up on B1G1F items when they are available, and try to combine a coupon if I have one. I'm not all out on coupons or all against them either. But, I find they are mostly for processed foods.

And I see you are from South Carolina, my beloved home state, right?? I am a South Carolinian living in Georgia! :)