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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cost Per Day July 1-4

July 1:
biscuits and gravy $2.10
2 cans pop biscuits $.80 I made some earlier but was not pleased so made homemade... both were consumed.
chicken tostadas $2.25
watermelon (free)
cookies 1.25
stuffed bell peppers $5.50 (meat $3.75, 3 cans tom. paste $1.20, seasonings .25, rice .30, peppers were free)
beverages of tea, coffee and milk $1.50

Total for today: $13.40
What boosted today's spending is that I should have origionally stuck to homemade biscuits and the cookies were meant for tomorrow's snack but the children were hungry from swimming. Ah well! This is a high day for us. Wink

July 2

breakfast : free at church

Lunch: Little Caesar's and 12 pk drinks $23.50

Supper: free at church

beverages: soda, listed with lunch

Total for the 2nd: $23.50

July 3:

B:muffins : 1.25

L:Italian bake: $2.20 (noodles were given to us for free by a person who works at a pasta factory, I added a little sausage and 3 cans of tomato paste with seasonings and about a cup of cheese mixed in.

S:leftover italian bake (free) and chicken and rice soup (1 1/2 chicken breasts boiled and shredded, carrots, celery rice and seasonings) $2.25
A loaf's worth of homemade bread was ate with the meals and as a quick snack with margarine. $.60

beverages: coffee and soda $2.75

Total for 3rd: $9.75

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