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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25

Today was dental cleaning day for four of the children. Two have to go back for additional work on Wednesday. Blah! After we left the dentist off we stopped by a thrift store and then to pay our vehicle taxes.

James worked yesterday. He's off from his primary job on Mondays, during the summer, but he often does side work. He had a good day with that but we were glad to see him home last night!

I was not in the cooking mood yesterday so we had a breakfast supper. Afterwards we had some yummy watermelon.

Speaking of watermelon, we will never have bragging rights on growing watermelons! Our farming neighbors always did well with growing them. My parents can grow more than anybody can handle. Not us. One day we may find the secret perhaps.

I've been doing school planning for what I am hoping to begin this coming week. We will be having 6 students in our little homeschool. The oldest only has 3 more credits to go in order to graduate. She hopes to be done with her book work by January. We'll see...

We got in bed way later than we should have. I like "early to bed and early to rise". So hopefully we'll turn that around here soon. :D

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Breakfast suppers are good. We haven't always been able to grow good watermelons. Not sure why.

Have a great day and I hope planning goes well. We start on August 24th.